sauces for summer eating

sauces for summer

Whilst Britain is gripped in a heat wave of Californian proportions, most people simply do not want to spend time in their kitchens. So here are some simple sauces, marinades and dressings to have in your fridge to make even the most simple meal taste amazing this summer.


This romesco sauce is so versatile and yummy. It has a perfect Spanish balance of vinegar, smoke, sweetness and is packed full of goodness. It can be made in a jiffy using ingredients that I always keep in my store cupboard.

romesco sauce

A jar will last in the fridge for a week or two. I love having a jar in the fridge to add to pasta, spoon over fish or chicken; spread on toast and sandwiches or to dip raw veg or bread sticks into. I love it with avocado and eggs on toast too.

romesco sauce

Find the recipe here and here are some recipes for inspiration for where to use your romesco:

Romesco toast with goat’s cheese

Roasted cauliflower salad two ways

Storecupboard pizza

Green sauce aka Salsa Verde

The lovely thing is that it this so simple but works with all types of meals. It is great with grilled or roast lamb but it is equally at home as a sauce for grilled fish, chicken, steak, roasted vegetables or drizzled on salads. You can eat the leftover sauce on toast and avocado and with eggs. Basically it is a little pot of gorgeousness that will sit in your fridge ready to anoint anything you’re eating with herby freshness.

Find the recipe here


When I feel we need some more greenery in our diet I reach for pesto. But not the stuff in a jar. I want a hit of fresh, punchy, healthy greens and I’m afraid you won’t get that from the bought stuff. Pesto takes seconds to make and is one of the most useful flavour and health-boosters you’ll master in the kitchen.

It is amazing on sandwiches, on soup, on crostini, stirred through risotto or mixed with ricotta as a topping for roast chicken or with grilled fish. I also use it to stir through steamed or grilled green veg before serving. You can thin the pesto out with more oil and a splash of red wine vinegar to use it as a salad dressing with tomatoes and mozzarella in summer.

Find the recipe here, you can use it for the following recipes:

Pea pesto crostini

End of the week veggie stew


For those BBQ/grill days, this range of marinades will help keep your meat moist and give a real flavour boost. You can prep ahead and keep bags of marinated meat in the freezer, ready for the BBQ/grill, saving you time on prep.

Find the recipes and other tips here


Never use a shop bought dressing again! Here’s the recipes for all the dressings you will ever need. These dressings can be used on salads but are also great on roasted vegetables, noodles, pasta, cous cous or cooked potatoes – kids are much more inclined to eat vegetables if they are coated in some oil and acid.

homemade salad dressings

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