what’s in season now – October

in season in October

I always try to eat in season. It is not only better for the environment, but it is also cheaper and in-season produce tastes so much better. A strawberry in December is just wrong. There is also a joy in eating loads of something when it is at its best and then moving on. The old hippy in me loves how eating this way gets me in touch with the seasons and guides me through the year. When I start eating asparagus, I know that spring is here. Strawberries signal summer, tomatoes put me in a summer holiday mood and root vegetables are the food equivalent of an autumnal woolly sweater.

In season in October are:

Apples, aubergines (eggplant), beetroot, butternut squash, cabbage, celeriac (celery root), damsons, fennel, figs, grouse, kale, lamb, mackerel, mussels, mushrooms, oysters, partridge, pear, pheasant, raspberry, swede (rutabaga), sweetcorn, truffles, venison and watercress.

Here’s my guide some of my favourite recipes to use what is in season in October.

Butternut squash and pumpkin

First up, if you’ve been put off eating butternut because you can’t face peeling it, you don’t have to. Watch my video…

These two vegetables are classically autumn, with their golden hues and rich, delicious flesh. Here’s my favourite ways of using them:

One-pan sausage, butternut squash and sage bake with apple salad

Roast butternut squash soup with game changing toppings

Slow roasted pork with kale pesto, roast butternut squash and greens

Pumpkin chocolate loaf with olive oil glaze

pumpkin chocolate loaf with olive oil glaze

Pumpkin spiced pancakes

Roast pumpkin seeds

roast pumpkin seeds


Lemony mushroom rage on oozy polenta with kale pesto

Lemony mushroom ragu on oozy polenta with kale pesto

Mushroom barley soup with rosemary

mushroom barley soup



Pear and apple

Pear, honey, thyme and English Cheddar bites

pear honey thyme cheddar bites

Apple snow with blackberry ripple

apple snow

Sticky one pan apple crumble

sticky apple one pan crumble

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