free store cupboard cooking class videos

Cooking class videos using simple ingredients

Let’s try something new while we stay at home. Starting Tuesday 24th March, I’m doing new cooking class videos 4 days a week and I’d love you to join me.

I’ve been teaching cooking classes for 8 years now and I love helping people understand not just how to cook, but how flavour works, why certain techniques bring the best out of ingredients and how to make a delicious meal with limited means. Skills we need more than ever right now.

While we’re self isolating I can’t teach my usual cooking classes so I’m sharing free cooking class videos each week and I’d love you to join in.

Learn something new – if you’re an adult or a child or somewhere in between

The idea is that you can learn something new and make the most of what you have in the cupboard. I’ll be sharing loads of tricks I usually share in my cooking classes but this is all totally free.

I’m going to make sure these work for all ages so if you’re an adult who needs some new skills or ideas, a teenager who is bored at home or a parent with a younger child then you’ll be able to follow the videos and recipes.

How the cooking class videos will work

The plan for this first week is I’ll post a new cooking class video on my Instagram feed by 4pm GMT every day starting Tuesday 24th and it will be there for you to follow whenever works for you.

You can watch the cooking class videos whenever you have time and they will stay up there forever.

I’d recommend watching the video all the way through before you start cooking. Just like you would if you came to one of my classes in my home where people watch then go home to cook. You can always go back and watch specific bits if you need to while you cook.

The first week’s recipes starting Tuesday 24th March

cooking class video

Please don’t go out shopping

I’ll share the detail of what ingredients you need, as well as loads of ideas for substitutions, via the email. Most of us are limited with what we can get hold of so I am mindful of that.

I really don’t want people going to the shops to get any of the ingredients. If you don’t have everything for a certain recipe, I’ll talk to you about what you can swap around. You don’t have to cook everything, can just watch it, learn, and cook it in future.

Get detailed written recipes for the cooking class videos

I won’t go into detail of measurements and all the substitutions in the videos so I’ve written a booklet with all the week’s recipes in so you have all the detail.

I’ll be sending these booklets to everyone currently on my newsletter list. If you aren’t yet signed up. Just click here and give me your email address.

I never share email addresses with anyone else but you will receive my monthly newsletter and while I’m running these video classes, you’ll receive a weekly email with the new recipes in.

How to say thank you

As I’m doing this without charge, it would be lovely if you could say thank you by telling your friends about the videos and asking them to follow me on Instagram. Or share this post so that they can sign up themselves.

It will make my day when I see you cooking these recipes in your own home so please comment on my posts and tag me in any photos you share using the hashtag #cookwithgem

If you’re not on Instagram

As I’m doing all this myself – from the filming to the editing and all the technical and admin stuff – I’m starting with what I can do most easily. Instagram is where I feel at home so it will start there. As time goes on, hopefully by next week, I will be sharing the videos via my Youtube, email and Facebook. I just need a bit more time to get to grips with how best that will work.

If you don’t use Instagram, you can sign up just to follow me and watch these videos – there’s no need for you to start taking selfies or posting photos of your cat but you never know, you might like it! I’m finding Instagram a lovely community during this time – from watching exercise videos to getting business advice and learning how to make sourdough.

Find more free recipes and tips on my website

There are loads of recipes videos and tips on my website if you’re looking for what to do with a specific ingredient or need advice about how to freeze, store and make the most of what you have in.