California cooking class tour Autumn 2015

When we moved from California back home to England in June, I was sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful place – our home for four and a half years, and where I started teaching people to cook. When news broke that I’d be moving, lots of my lovely students started plotting about how they could tempt me back to teach.

So three months almost to the day from when we’d left California laden down with cases and children, I returned child-free for the first time. This time I was laden down with my cooking equipment and two brand new class menus to share with the 11 classes I had booked for the week.

I was the crazy lady being stopped at airport security with two frying pans and about 10 boxes of Maldon salt in my carry-on. In hindsight that salt could have appeared to be a less-legal, more illegally profitable white powder on the X-ray. I also traveled with every anti-cold, anti-voice loss medication I could think of because I know I’d be teaching for about 6 hours a day and couldn’t afford to get sick or lose my voice.

Sickness paranoia aside I had an amazing time. I wasn’t quite sure at the start of the trip just how I’d manage to teach so many classes in so few days, or how I’d cope being away from my boys for such a long time. But I loved cooking in so many fabulous kitchens, teaching some of my most regular students as well as lots of new faces and catching up on all the California news. It felt like I’d never been away and I loved going back to my old haunts and bumping into so many friendly faces. My boys had a whale of a time without me too thanks to my brilliant husband and parents.

If you didn’t manage to make it to a class this time, I’ll be sharing the recipes from the tour on my website very soon so watch this space.

My next California tour is in March 2016, dates are still tbc but I’ll start taking bookings in early 2016. There will be a new menu and lots of European goodies in my carry-on to share. Please contact us me you’d like to be the first to hear the dates. I’m teaching in England between now and then so head to my site for all my UK availability.

Thank you to all of you of organised classes, opened your homes and came to classes (your photos are below). I’ve so loved seeing the photos of what you’ve made following class so keep them coming. Please keep sharing me with your friends and seeing what I’m up to via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Special thanks to Erin for running around like a crazy lady so I didn’t have to, and to Leslie and Helene for letting me stay with you and for letting me take over your fridges. Thank you to my Mum and Dad and Pete for waving me off, encouraging me and taking care of my boys.