California cooking tour Autumn 2016

California cooking tour

I’m back in England after my third California cooking tour. Teaching two classes a day with jetlag isn’t the easiest way to pay the bills, but I love it and love having chance to share what I do with so many supportive people. Thank you to all of you who invited me to cook with you and your friends. I had a blast seeing you all and sharing my new menu. I’ve loved seeing the photos of everything you’ve been cooking from class – keep them coming!

If you’re reading this in the UK, you can book to come and learn this menu here.

my next California cooking tour

I’ll be back in the Spring and will announce my dates in late January so let me know if you’d like to hear about them first.

keep sharing the love

It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and to meet lots of new people too. Please keep commenting on and sharing my recipes and posts with your friends. I’ve got big plans for next year so the more people I have following me, the better I can justify the time and expense that goes into making them happen. In this funny social media world we live in, those likes, shares, reviews and comments really mean a lot. Please share my Facebook page, tag friends in comments to my Facebook and Instagram posts or share my newsletter sign up. It all helps massively. Ok, plea bit over. Back to the photos of my gorgeous students, the food and recipes…

my tour menu

Cocktail: English 75

Appetizer: pappa al pomodoro. A classic Tuscan bread and tomato soup. This super speedy soup is silky smooth, family friendly and works brilliantly for a lunch or dinner.

Main option 1. Spanish roast cod with patatas bravas, greens and aioli. Smart enough to serve when entertaining but easy enough to make mid week. The smoked paprika and tomato sauce that adorns these crispy roast potatoes is so versatile.

Main option 2. Italian roast herbed pork tenderloin with roasted root vegetable and barley risotto, seasonal greens and gremolata. A perfectly balanced Autumnal dish. The three elements of the largely hands-off dish will work well with all sorts of other additions and can be prepped ahead for stress-free entertaining or midweek family meals. The technique of cooking the pork works just as well with beef, turkey or venison.

Dessert: semifreddo. This lighter version of ice cream is a breeze to make and can be taken in so many flavor directions. There is no need for an ice cream machine and because this is a frozen dessert you can make it in advance of any entertaining you’re doing. This is the recipe taught to me by a traditional Tuscan chef when we were staying with her this summer – I’ll share all her tips and stories as I demonstrate it.


California cooking tour – behind the scenes, what I made, and who I made it with…

Thank you!

I couldn’t continue to do this without the support of so many people so thank you…

To all of you who open your gorgeous kitchens and come along to classes then fan the fire by sharing your comments and photos on social media.

To the Woods for letting me set up camp in their pool house and for the late night glasses of wine and jet-lag fighting Aeropress coffees.

To my parents and in-laws for stepping in to look after my boys and the house while I’m away.

To Mr Tomato for manning the fort and taste testing everything multiple times. For not moaning when I stand on a chair to take photos of his food before he eats. And offering his input – he suggested the breadcrumbs be added to the pork because he is well trained to know that every dish needs some crunch!

To all my friends who meet up with me for catch ups and cuddles in between classes even though I’m usually smelling of onions.