5 easy dinners in 15 minutes

15 minutes

School starts again for us next week so I’ll back back into flying around with bags full of dirty football and wet swimming kits and starving children to feed once we collapse through the door. For the days when time isn’t on your side (which is most days in my house), here are my top 5 dinners in 15 minutes. All delicious and easy to make in under 15 minutes.


Parents of small children lean in now. Purists please look away. This cousotto is the perfect recipe when you get in late and need to get food into mouths fast without resorting to packets. I’ve made various versions of this since my boys were teeny. They and I still love it. We call it ‘cous-otto’ because it uses couscous in place of rice with a lazy risotto method.


Here’s the recipe


This speedy veg-packed frittata ticks all the boxes. It takes about 15 minutes to make and is packed full of flavour and goodness. You can play around with the fillings to suit what you have and what you like. It also works well cold in a packed lunch the following day if you have leftovers.

Here’s the recipe

15 minute Thai basil stir fry

This recipe for a 15 minute Thai basil stir fry is one I’ve taught in my classes for a few years and it never fails to get people excited.

In fact, I love this recipe so much I’ve made a video of me making it, showing you all the tips and tricks so you can cook along with me at home. You do need to be a quick chopper to do this in 15 minutes so set yourself the challenge and use it as chance to practice your knife skills.

Here’s the recipe

Speedy chicken, tomato and chorizo stew with crispy broccoli

This is easy peasy and a perfect dinner for one or two when time is tight but the demand for flavour is big. This stew is lovely on top of toasted sourdough or some kind of mashed potato or cauliflower but I made it with roasted purple sprouting broccoli because I felt I needed the greenery that day.

chicken chorizo stew

Here’s the recipe

Noodle bowls

Knowing the secrets to building good noodle bowls will always get you out of a ‘I’m starving, what’s for dinner’ situation. The bowls can be prepped and finished off when people need to eat – perfect for houses where there are early and later eaters to cater for.

15 minutes

Here’s the recipe

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