what to make for lunch

What to make for lunch day in day out is something I know lots of you are struggling with right now. Whoever you are at home with, or if you...

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my pasta sauce collection

In a rut with pasta sauces? What did we do before we started eating pasta? Anyone with children or with no time to get dinner on the table knows how...

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free store cupboard cooking class videos

Cooking class videos using simple ingredients Let’s try something new while we stay at home. Starting Tuesday 24th March, I’m doing new cooking class videos 4 days a week and...

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planet-friendly food shopping

One thing we can’t avoid in this new decade is the discussions about the environmental impact of how we live and how we eat. If I can be totally honest,...

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Christmas gift guide

If you’re, like me, not very organised and are just starting your Christmas shopping. Or if you’re looking for some last minute gifts, I’ve pulled together some things I love...

gift guide
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why I’ll be drinking rosé this winter

Have you packed your rosé away along with your flip flops? Well get it out because it is perfect to drink with food at this time of year. Aside from...

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throw in the oven meals

These recipes are some of my favourite throw in the oven and leave them meals. Some of them take a little while to prepare but once in the pan, can...

throw in the oven
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ideas for packed lunches and dinners on the go

Does anyone enjoy making packed lunches? Apart from the creators of some of the amazingly beautiful Japanese bento boxes that crop up on social media, I think most of us...

packed lunches
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5 easy dinners in 15 minutes

School starts again for us next week so I’ll back back into flying around with bags full of dirty football and wet swimming kits and starving children to feed once...

15 minutes
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cooking with kids without losing it

I learned to cook because my mum wanted to keep me entertained so she gave me jobs to do in the kitchen from being tiny. That time we spent together...

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sauces to make even the simplest meal taste amazing

If your time to cook is limited, get into the habit of making a few of these easy sauces over the next few weeks. Keep them in the fridge and...

sauces for summer
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breadcrumbs – how to make, store and use

Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I hate wasting food. From planning what we eat to shopping and storing well, to using leftovers and...

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how to cook pasta like a pro

Ask most people what their go-to easy dinner is and they’ll probably say pasta. Even the most clueless cook can usually manage to cook pasta. But because we learn to...

cook pasta
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3 easy breakfasts for busy families

Breakfast time midweek is pretty stressful for lots of us. Depending on what time you get up, most of us have around an hour to get clean, dressed, fed and...

easy breakfasts for busy families
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Lovely leftovers – safe storing and delicious re-using

I love leftovers as much as the main Christmas dinner. I think many of us enjoy the Boxing day re-hash of Christmas dinner more than the first time its served...

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The tools that will make you a better cook – my 5 most useful kitchen tools

When the lovely Katie filmed me recently, she asked for my 5 most useful kitchen tools. This is how I replied. These are the items I use at least once...

5 most useful kitchen tools
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Gift ideas (or hint list) for cooks

If you are a cook and want to drop some hints. Or if you know a cook and are looking for gift ideas then look no further. I’ve packaged up...

cooking classes in Cheshire
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some new ingredients

A couple of the ingredients I’m using right now aren’t easy to get at the supermarket. You can buy them from Amazon using the links here. Nduja This comes as a...

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