Gift ideas (or hint list) for cooks

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If you are a cook and want to drop some hints. Or if you know a cook and are looking for gift ideas then look no further. I’ve packaged up some of my favourite combinations of foodie items. Be assured these are all tried and tested by yours truly.

Of course, all the equipment in the world won’t help if you’re lacking the confidence, inspiration or skills to cook. You can buy vouchers for lessons and coaching with me in the UK here.

Just click on the links (double tap if you’re on a phone or tablet) and you can add the item straight into your Amazon cart to buy later.

  1. Something juicy. How about a brown paper bag filled with lemons, oranges and limes with this Microplane zester and  juicer. Perfect for your recipient to add brightness to their winter cooking and juice to their cocktails. Buy the zester in the US or UK. Buy the juicer in the US or the UK.
  2. Tear-free chopping. A knife sharpener (to avoid cuts from a blunt knife) and my famous onion goggles will keep mascara and fingers in place. Buy the goggles in the US or the UK  and the sharpener in the US or the UK.
  3. Bring a bottle. Instead of just bringing a bottle, add a set of these vintage style coupe glasses to a bottle of fizz to turn it into a lovely gift. Buy in the US or the UK.
  4. Let them eat cake. Buy one of these gorgeous vintage-style Jadeite cake stands and make or buy a cake to sit on top of it. I use this stand to hold my fruit when I’m being more virtuous. It also means I don’t need to worry about storing it. Buy in the US or the UK.
  5. Pesto lover. Grab a supermarket basil plant, a bottle of olive oil, a wedge of Parmesan and wrap them up in brown paper along with this mini food processor. Buy the processor in the US or the UK.
  6. Cheesy. We were bought a set of these French cheese knives when we got engaged. We bring them out at every party and they are just gorgeous. Give them along with a wedge of good cheese, a jar of chutney and some posh crackers. Buy in the US the UK.
  7. Make your own bundle from my essential kit list.
  8. Coffee lover. I love my Aeropress coffee maker. It is low-tech and portable. Give it with a new coffee mug or a coffee subscription to any caffeine lover. Buy in the US or the UK.
  9. The best pan. This is a pricey one but it is the most useful, versatile pan I own and has a lifetime guarantee. Buy in the US or the UK.
  10. Book lover. The books I’ve loved cooking from most this year are:
    1. Simple by Diana Henry – Buy it in the US or UK.
    2. Let’s Eat by Ellie Pear – Buy it in the UK. Not available in the US.
    3. Gjelina – Cooking from Venice Beach – Buy in the UK or the US.

How buying from this list helps

If you buy these bits of kit through the UK and US Amazon links above, the price you pay doesn’t change, but I get paid a small fee. This helps fund the time I spend blogging and recipe testing and keeps my class prices down. I will never ever recommend anything I don’t love, even if I’m offered a fortune!