Christmas gift guide

If you’re, like me, not very organised and are just starting your Christmas shopping. Or if you’re looking for some last minute gifts, I’ve pulled together some things I love...

gift guide
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What I’m eating, reading and doing this month – March 2019

March is here and Spring is in the air so I’m trying something new this month. Food is always central to what I do but I thought you might like...

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How To Eat – 20 years on

There is much talk this week of the 20th birthday of a very special book. It has been a delight to read some of my favourite writers (of whom Bee...

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cooking with kids without losing it

I learned to cook because my mum wanted to keep me entertained so she gave me jobs to do in the kitchen from being tiny. That time we spent together...

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Royal Wedding party menu – the best of California and Britain

The first time my mother in law witnessed my love of an over ambitiously themed Royal Wedding party still makes me shudder. Her first visit to us in California coincided...

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Gift ideas (or hint list) for cooks

If you are a cook and want to drop some hints. Or if you know a cook and are looking for gift ideas then look no further. I’ve packaged up...

cooking classes in Cheshire
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what to keep in your freezer

what to keep in your freezer for easy, healthy dinners I feel a bit twitchy if my freezer isn’t stocked with things I can easily turn into a quick meal....

what ingredients to keep in your freezer
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A gift guide for cooks

If you are looking for ideas of what to buy for the cooks you love (or if you want to drop some hints), look no further. I’ve packaged up some...

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kitchen tools and equipment kit list

What kitchen tools should I buy to cook better? I get asked that question a lot. Anyone who has been in one of my classes will have heard me tell...

kitchen tools
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food waste – 5 easy ways to stop throwing food and money away

Food waste is a big issue – not only on an environmental scale but on our personal finances. Below I share my tips for how to reduce food waste and...

food waste
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30 minute kitchen cupboard sort out

It is January so as good a time as any to spend 30 minutes emptying your kitchen cupboard and sorting it out. You’ll be rewarded with a smug sense of...

kitchen cupboard
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The easiest way to label your prepped or frozen food

This is such a ‘duh’ idea but, I admit, I came to it only recently.  I am a pretty obsessive cooking in bulk person.  I get the jitters if my...

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The books that inspire me to cook – part one

People are always asking me which books are my favourites so I’ve finally had chance to write them down. Below are my all-time most loved and most used cookbooks. These...

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