Buy the cooking equipment I love, that will help you be a more efficient cook without cluttering your kitchen. You can also treat someone to a gift card or buy someone a subscription to my monthly meal plan and recipes.

Buy my essential kitchen equipment

Anyone who has been in one of my classes knows I’m a tough customer when it comes to gadgets. Now you can buy the pieces of equipment I can’t live without through my Amazon links.

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Give an experience rather than stuff. Buy a gift card for one of my classes or supper clubs. You can find out more about my events on my Events page.

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I send you a monthly meal plan, brand new recipes and a shopping list. I’ll make it really easy for you to get around the shops knowing that what you buy will be used. You’ll gain confidence, save money and your household will eat better food.

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Christmas cooking guides

Buy my stress-free Christmas cooking guides containing all my recipes, time plans and tips. You’ll have everything you need for the festive season in one place. All my recipes are written for any level of cook and my years of teaching, answering all sorts of questions, means I explain everything so you can confidently recreate everything yourself.

You’ll receive an email with the PDF guides and videos of the specific techniques within a few hours of buying the guides.

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