snacks and small bites

pear honey thyme cheddar bites

pear, honey, thyme and English Cheddar bites

Cheese and apple or pear is a classic combination; the slight sourness of the fruit balances the cheese perfectly. This prep-ahead pear honey thyme cheddar bites appetizer can be served as a canapé, as a salad, tossed with rocket (arugula) or even on a sandwich. Either way I think you’ll love it as most of...

spiced nuts

spiced nuts – perfect party snackage

When a bar serves freshly roasted spiced nuts along with my cocktail I am in heaven. But more often than not, my cocktail drinking now happens at home with friends. This recipe is inspired the bar snacks I once had at The Union Square Café in New York, it is such an easy recipe to...

roast butternut squash soup

roast butternut squash soup with game-changing toppings

You’re probably noticing a theme if you regularly make my recipes. As much as the core recipe needs to be good, it is the added last-minute extras that transform it into something amazing. This roast butternut squash soup is no different. At this time of year the internet is exploding with butternut squash and pumpkin...

guacamole with bacon and seeds

the best guacamole with bacon and seeds

If you thought guacamole couldn’t get any better, have a go at this guacamole with bacon and seeds recipe. I made this last week and my son had eaten almost half of it before I made it to the table with the rest of that night’s dinner. While he may be lacking in restraint, he...

thai carrot and sweet potato soup

Thai carrot and sweet potato soup with basil and avocado

Most Sundays I make a ‘clear the fridge’ soup. I don’t follow a recipe but I use it as an excuse to empty my fridge, give it a good wipe and make something from the odds and ends that are in there. I love making soup on a Sunday because it means I have a...

crispy date and chocolate bars

crispy date and chocolate bars

This is another of my mum’s recipes that I’ve tinkered with a little. These crispy date and chocolate bars – or ‘date slices’ as they were known in our family are easy and delicious. They are perfect for lunchboxes, picnics or after-school snacks. They require very little actual cooking and are a great thing to...

pancetta polenta and avocado breakfast

pancetta, polenta and avocado breakfast

Italian vibes this morning with this pancetta polenta and avocado breakfast. This looks fancy but it took me 10 minutes and was wolfed down by my boys. I taught wet polenta in class last night (recipe below) and had some left over. So I poured it onto a plate before I went to bed and...


healthy oven fries or chips

Quick translation – in England chips are what Americans call fries. What Americans call (potato) chips are what we call crisps. This recipe is all you need for those days when you are craving french fries but your narcissism is winning out over your hedonism. Because wouldn’t it just be dreamy to eat a plate...


frozen watermelon

Fastest, most why-didn’t-I-think-of-that recipe ever? I love making homemade frozen ice lollies or Popsicles in the summer but what to do when you don’t have the equipment or energy to make them? Last summer I over-committed to a ginormous watermelon a couple of days before we were heading away from home for the weekend. I...

crunchy chickpeas

addictive crunchy chickpeas [garbanzo]

These addictive crunchy chickpeas are my new obsession. Either roast them alongside vegetables (cauliflower, carrots, brussel sprouts are all good). Or follow the recipe below and add them to salads, serve them with drinks or have them as a healthy snack. They add a delicious crunch to pitta and houmus. If you are Stateside you’ll...


homemade preserved lemons

I’ve said it before, but on of the biggest thrills about living in California for this Brit is the citrus trees in my garden and in my friends’ gardens. I’m always being given bags of amazing lemons, oranges and grapefruits – for FREE! I finish nearly every dish with a squeeze of lemon. And yes some...


dates stuffed with nut butter and salt

When I was rummaging through the fridge the other afternoon I had no idea that the concoction I was about to make would be such a good one. I ripped open a Medjool date, took out the stone and stuffed the cavity with about half a teaspoon of cashew butter (you could use almond butter...

lighter take on champ

a lighter take on champ

Even though I have Irish grandparents and friends I’d never celebrated St Patrick’s day until I moved to California. This is the land of continuous celebration so being Irish doesn’t get in the way of the excuse to party! The shops here are filled with corned beef and Guinness. Neither of which really float my...

smoked salmon or smoked mackerel pate lunch

smoked salmon or smoked mackerel pate

Smoked salmon or smoked mackerel pate is such a great recipe to get under your belt. I make a scrumptious chicken liver pâté but when I fancy a change I make this smoked fish pate with salmon, trout or mackerel. I love the fact that most of the smoked salmon or smoked mackerel pate ingredients...

pickled vegetables

quick pickled vegetables and fried capers – game changing garnishes

More often than not the final hit of flavour is the thing that transforms a meh dinner into something amazing. Adding a hit of acid and some crunch to dishes are two of my most used tricks when I’m cooking. I make these pickled vegetables or fried capers when I want my food to taste...


dairy and sugar free salted caramel chocolates – practically a health food

I love salted caramels. I’m all about balancing flavours and the combination of sea salt and caramel with bitter dark chocolate is perfection in my eyes. But I don’t feel great when I eat too much dairy or sugar so they are an occasional treat. So when I saw a version of this sugar and...

week 3

21 day re-nourish plan – week 3 menu plan and recipes

We’re on week 3 woo hoo!  I hope, like me you are feeling great about eating better and more mindfully. And that the plans and recipes from the last two weeks are helping you plan your cooking so you eating lots of yummy foods but aren’t wasting time and money in the grocery store or...

bacon porridge

bacon porridge with perfectly poached eggs – trust me

I get a little bit hard to please when it comes to recipes that really intrigue me, but this one did. It also ticked my boxes of family friendly (check), one pan (check), re-heatable (check), healthy (check) and bacon (check). Oh and it has a perfectly poached egg on top (double check). I first made...