Pies and tarts

strawberry galette

strawberry galette – the easiest fruit tart

A galette is such a forgiving way to bake fruit and is perfect for anyone who feels a tart is too stressful (which is a lot of us). When strawberries are in season, there is little that needs to be done to them. When they are just coming into season they can be a little...

pumpkin pie

The special trick to transform your pumpkin pie

I’d never had pumpkin pie before moving to America but I love it. It’s not that different to a nutmeggy British egg custard¬†tart (one of my faves) really. It is the perfect end to an Autumnal dinner so I’ve written my recipe which includes a special stage that you won’t see in many other recipes....

Roast nectarine, thyme and honey cream tart

roast nectarine, thyme and honey cream tart

If you come to my house for dinner over the summer the chances are you’ll get this roast nectarine, thyme and honey cream tart for dessert. It is so easy to make and a joy to eat. I also make it with plums, apricots, rhubarb or peaches depending on what I can buy at the...

roast rhubarb

pinkly perfect roast rhubarb

Why perfectly pink roast rhubarb? Roasting even the saddest of fruit is a brilliant trick. Because the roasting draws out and evaporates the water, you are left with a much more concentrated flavour. Roasting rhubarb not only gives great flavour, it also leaches out the most fabulous princess-pink juice. As the only girl in a...