baked tomato and red pepper pasta with eggs and crumbs

I’m a sucker for a runny egg yolk and can’t think of many foods that aren’t improved by a river of amber yumminess running over them. So I’ve been obsessing about any recipes I see that involve eggs baked in tomato sauce. I knew if I served eggs in sauce with no carbs, my husband...


banh-mi inspired turkey burger

I was playing around with turkey burger recipes for a client and used the flavours of banh-mi in some simple burgers. She and her children went mad for them so I thought you’d like them too. When I’m trying to eat more healthily I often look to Thailand and Vietnam for inspiration. One of my...


storecupboard lunch for children

Before you disregard the humble sardine please read on. I shuddered when someone suggested I feed my children canned sardines as I had shady memories of them from my youth. However when I realized just how amazingly healthy they are and the fact I can always have them on hand for dinner, I decided to...

Julie's lentil, carrot, tomato soup

Julie’s lentil, carrot, tomato soup

Growing up this was a pretty-much weekly item on our menu. My Mum, Julie, embraced lentil eating in the 80s along with her perm and shoulder pads. So I’m naming this as Julie’s lentil, carrot, tomato soup for her. The hair and fashions have changed but this remains a favourite in our family. She is...

huevos rancheros

Huevos Rancheros

This is a really easy, pretty healthy Huevos Rancheros recipe. I love it for brunch because the beans and guac can be made ahead. The tortillas can be kept warm in the oven then I just need to cook the eggs at the last minute. We also have it for dinner and weekend lunches too....


baked Tilapia with peppers, broccoli and potatoes

We know fish is a healthy choice but knowing which is best for the environment is a minefield. Tonights dinner is a yummy, healthy and easy way to enjoy Tilapia which scores pretty well in terms of sustainable fish. You can pick up all the equipment I use through my shop. To make it for...

lentil houmus

easy lentil houmus

I have another houmus (or hummus, houmous, or humus) recipe that I love. So I was dubious about this lentil houmus recipe but curious too. It uses lentils rather than chickpeas which makes it super creamy and higher protein (15g per serving). Totally delicious, easy peasy to make and a great lunch or snack for kids...

baked fennel

an indulgent baked fennel dinner

This baked fennel dish is a perfect Friday night in front of Netflix dinner. It is an unashamed hearty, indulgent standalone dish (if it makes you feel better, even with the cream I reckon its still healthier than a take away pizza). Just the thing to enjoy at the end of a long week in...


healthy dinner for toddlers (and grown ups) in a jiffy

This is a quick, healthy kid-friendly dinner. It gets me out of a hole every week when I want to get my boys to eat something healthy without me doing much cooking. It’s yummy for grown ups too – I just mash mine a little less! I always keep small pots of cooked brown rice (I...

shepherds pie

a lighter take on shepherds pie

When the weather starts to turn colder I crave the foods I grew up on. One of my favourite comfort foods is Shepherds pie which my Mum used to make with lamb topped with creamy mashed potato and grated cheese on top which she’d put under the grill (broiler) until it bubbled. She’d serve it...


15 minute squash soup with chestnut gnocchi – a Jamie Oliver inspired dinner

I bought Jamie Oliver’s new book “Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals” when I was back in the UK.  I’m awful for buying new cook books, reading them then leaving them on the shelf, so my new year’s resolution is to cook from one book a month and try two recipes a week from it.  So far...

cauliflower and kale soup

a cup of cauliflower and kale soup

I feel cauliflower is often overlooked but I’m increasingly using it to give the creaminess I want in soups without having to use cream or potatoes. This cauliflower and kale soup is easy peasy to make and tastes gorgeous whilst being super-virtuous. I made a big batch and froze some for lunches. My Grandma, Myra,...


oven baked roots risotto

Dinner tonight is a comforting (I need it) oven baked risotto. Not just comforting in taste but also comforting in that it requires minimal active time as most of the work is done in the oven. It is an old fab from my old treat-supermarket, Waitrose. See the recipe on their site here Feel free to...


An easy prep ahead roast dinner for friends

I had friends coming over for dinner and knew I had very little time between getting children to bed and them arriving. I knew I’d barely have time to throw on my earrings and lippy so I chose to make things I could prep ahead of time and finish off while my friends chatted to...


Let menus be your inspiration – LA Turkey Salad

I visited LA for the first time on Labor Day weekend and came back brimming with ideas of things to cook from all the places I ate.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, so much of my inspiration, along with learnings about what flavors work together, come from what I eat when...

egg and kale-slaw

an easy, healthy lunch – egg and kale-slaw

A week of cooking inspired by what I’ve seen on Pinterest starts today. When I was planning this week’s menu I decided to only cook things I’ve pinned. Lunch today is a really easy but unusual egg and kale-slaw which will stay in the fridge and give me a high veggie, high protein lunch for...