Healthy snacks


flapjacks for lunchboxes, teatime and road trips

I love a good flapjack. We never left home for a holiday when I was little without a tin of flapjacks and shortbread.  Long before granola bars had ever been thought of, these were what my Mum packed for us. Like granola bars, they are a real treat but give you a bit of a...


you say ‘popsicle’ I say ‘ice lolly’ – 4 healthy easy recipes

It is roasting hot here just now and I have two very hot toddlers pestering me for ice cream from the moment they wake up to the time they lay their sweaty little heads on their pillows to go to bed. Summer is stretching in front of us and a quick (maths isn’t my strong...

one ingredient ice cream

one ingredient ice cream, a healthy treat and entertainment in one

I am not the first person to fall off my chair at learning that ice cream can be made in seconds with one ingredient. Blogs galore share this fact. But if you have either read and discarded this recipe before or have no idea what I’m on about, prepare yourself for a revelation. We now...

lentil houmus

easy lentil houmus

I have another houmus (or hummus, houmous, or humus) recipe that I love. So I was dubious about this lentil houmus recipe but curious too. It uses lentils rather than chickpeas which makes it super creamy and higher protein (15g per serving). Totally delicious, easy peasy to make and a great lunch or snack for kids...