scandi smoked fish

Scandi smoked fish for lunch or a party

Scandi smoked fish recipe A couple of weeks ago I took a road trip to my old stomping ground of Leeds to cook for a group of 30 interiors lovers who are all members of No House Rules. Given their love of all things home decor, I brought out my favourite food item from Ikea...

harissa salmon

Life Kitchen harissa salmon with fennel yoghurt salad

A couple of weeks ago I went to help at a Life Kitchen cooking class. This Life Kitchen harissa salmon was one of the dishes that was part of the day and it was so good and easy that I bumped into most of the students in the supermarket over the road right afterwards as...


risella aka tuna risotto

I’ve eaten a version of this since I was little and cook it all the time for my boys. It makes no claims to authenticity but it is delicious and easy and that is enough for me. My Dad first made it in the 1980s on a single burner when we were camping in Spain...

spanish cod patatas bravas

Spanish roast cod with patatas bravas, greens and aioli

This Spanish cod is smart enough to serve when entertaining but easy enough to make mid-week. My children love this dinner – I think the tomato sauce and the potatoes are the child-bait. I love it too because there is minimal washing and once you’ve made it a couple of times you won’t really need...

Crispy skin salmon, kale, avocado and butternut salad

Crispy skin salmon, kale, avocado and butternut salad

I’m not a big fan of food being pretty for the sake of it and god knows the internet is full of recipes that are style over substance. Flavour and texture are much more my bag, but a funny thing happens, often when you’re layering up great flavours and textures in a dish, the prettiness...

fish stew

Italian fish stew – a one pan mid-week treat

First up, this is not a fish stew with all sorts of shellfish, tenticles and gubbins in it. I do love those French stews, but they are a lengthy, expensive process and more likely to turn off the squeamish amongst you. This is definitely in mid-week dinner territory, although I’d be pretty delighted to have...


tuna polpette with fresh tomato and pepper sauce

Doing this job, I’ve found that a lot of people are a bit funny about canned tuna. In fact there are all sorts of foods that people have issues with, usually because of the way they tried something as a child. I love it when I get someone to love something they’d avoided since childhood,...

fish and chips

Anglo Italian fish and chips

I’ve been making a variation of this dish for years. My children love it and it is just the ticket when you crave something with big flavours, crunch and comfort. Think of it as healthy, fish and chips with an Italian twist. The various elements stand-alone and will work with all sorts of other dishes. My version has...

smoked salmon fishcakes

smoked salmon fishcakes with pea tartar dip

These easy little smoked salmon fishcakes can be made ahead. I love them to soak up drinks at parties, or to serve a quick hit of omega 3s to my kids for dinner (tip – don’t tell your kids they’re having ‘cakes for dinner’ as they may be disappointed). They’re great on top of a...

salmon tacos

salmon, rainbow chard, fennel, pumpkin seed tacos

I didn’t know that taco night was a thing until I moved to California. Now I’m a convert. Mostly because having tacos for dinner means I can throw a few leftovers, something fresh and lots of healthy veggies onto the table and my boys will make their own dinner. It is a very sociable way...

sesame wasabi crusted tuna

sesame wasabi crusted tuna with kale rice and a cucumber ginger salad

This sesame wasabi crusted tuna is a really nice way of making a dinner that feels that elusive combination of healthy and fancy at the same time. Last month I was hankering for something crunchy and fried. I’ll be honest, I was craving something like fried chicken but my head wasn’t allowing my belly to decide...

salmon with tomato fennel sauce

salmon with tomato fennel sauce and broccolini

Faced with a pretty standard fridge full of ingredients the other night, I wanted to make something seasonal, healthy and quick. This salmon with tomato fennel sauce and broccolini is what I ended up with. It was a perfect combination of virtuousness and deliciousness and was very fast too. This type of quick tomato and...

salmon burger

a salmon burger and a little black dress

I love burgers but usually default to my favorite beef burger recipe when we’re grilling outside. A non-beef eating friend came over on Memorial day so I had an excuse to try out a couple of recipes so she wouldn’t feel left out. I settled on one from Gwyneth’s new book but, as always, I couldn’t...