date shake

Palm Springs date, almond, banana shake

The date shake I had at The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs has been on my mind since I got back. Date shakes are one of the must-haves when you visit Palm Springs.  Many of them are pretty unhealthy though and rely on ice cream and milk to give substance. I found them a bit...


wax on wax off – de-waxing citrus fruit and embracing zest

As a Brit I still cannot get over the thrill of being able to wander outside and pick a lemon, orange of grapefruit off a tree in my California garden.  The problem is that once my tree is bare, and my friends have also handed over their spare fruit I really struggle with paying for...


Easter treats for lunch and brunch

I’m in England just now and enjoying the four day weekend we have for Easter. Very civilized having Friday and Monday public holidays either side of the weekend as it allows so many of us to travel back to our families. I always feel that it is like Christmas without the hassle of gifts and...

party food

ideas for Christmas and holiday party food

I know that what to serve at parties is a hot topic right now so I wanted to share the list I had pulled together of recipes I’d like to eat. Always a good place to start I think. You can also come along to one of my cocktail and appetizer classes if you’d like...

lemon elderflower cocktain

Dirty Blonde – Lemon Elderflower Cocktail

As an attempt to make Friday nights in feel a little more like Friday nights out, my husband and I have taken to making cocktails and this delicious gin, lemon elderflower cocktail fits the bill perfectly. We used to be out drinking cocktails a lot more than we do now so we have a good...


gin in teacups cocktail

I’ll admit I got a bit carried away with the name. It came from one of my favorite songs. And yes, I know I didn’t serve this in a teacup but I do think that would be lovely for an afternoon tea party. For a potentially raucus party I thought a sturdy mason jar would...