I've spent years teaching thousands of real people with real lives to cook in my cooking classes in the UK and California. My tried and tested recipes are influenced by my time living in both countries and are written to help you get real food on the table without drama. I share how to tackle feeding a family without cooking more than one meal a night as well as all my tips for stress-free modern entertaining. I love using seasonal ingredients, organic where possible, but I'm also realistic - so I share my favourite cooking hacks and tips to help you save time and money as you cook. You'll find everything from one-pan dinners, healthy family breakfasts, flavour-packed salads and delicious desserts.

summer party menu

a summer party menu for friends

One of the questions I get asked most is for ideas for party food. I do this for a job so I’m always pulling together menus but I know that for a lot of people, having friends over can feel stressful and expensive. So I’m sharing a summer party menu to help. Now I’ve got...

strawberry galette

strawberry galette – the easiest fruit tart

A galette is such a forgiving way to bake fruit and is perfect for anyone who feels a tart is too stressful (which is a lot of us). When strawberries are in season, there is little that needs to be done to them. When they are just coming into season they can be a little...

slow roast grapes and garlic

slow roast grapes and garlic for your cheese board

Need a cheeseboard of dreams? This slow roast grapes and garlic cheese platter is perfectly balanced with sweet and saltiness. It also looks beautiful and is perfect to plonk on the table at the end of a meal, giving people something to nibble as the conversation deepens and the wine glasses continue to be topped...

orange, fennel, olive and caper salad

Orange, fennel, olive and caper salad

This easy orange, fennel, olive and caper salad brings zing and brightness to the table. The salt of the olives and capers balances the sweetness of the orange. This should really be made no earlier than 30 minutes before eating. If you want to get ahead, you can segment the orange earlier in the day...

roast radish and asparagus

Roast radishes and asparagus

Every time I share a picture of roast radishes I get people asking about them. I’ve never been a huge fan of raw radishes but roasting them has been a revelation. Their flavour is mellowed by roasting and they are a wonderful side dish, simply cooked with salt and a little oil. The fact they turn...



Tapenade is another of my favourite flavour boosters, although admittedly not much of a looker! Like romesco sauce and salsa verde, it is something I make to keep in my fridge to add instant jazz hands to a simple meal. These flavour-bombe sauces make the job of cooking dinner so much easier as so much...


Lemon and cheese stuffed courgette flowers

On my recent visit to Provence, one of the first things I snapped up at the market was a packet of baby courgettes (aka zucchini or summer squash) with the bright yellow, fragile flowers still attached. Stuffed courgette flowers are a once a year treat for me. I first fell for them when we lived...

Roast chilli and black pepper pineapple

Roast chilli and black pepper pineapple

This roasted pineapple dessert is so easy and inexpensive to make and is a real crowd-pleaser. It can be made ahead and re-heated in the oven or even in a foil packet on the BBQ. Buy some good vanilla or coconut ice cream and open a bottle of rum and you’re sorted. The last time...

salsa verde butter

salsa verde butter – add oomph to anything

This salsa verde butter came about by accident when I had leftover salsa verde from another recipe and mushed some with butter to sneak onto a chunk of crusty bread. Now I’m obsessed with it. You can make a log of it, wrap it in parchment and freeze it then just cut a chunk off...

Julie's lentil, carrot, tomato soup

Julie’s lentil, carrot, tomato soup

Growing up this was a pretty-much weekly item on our menu. My Mum, Julie, embraced lentil eating in the 80s along with her perm and shoulder pads. So I’m naming this as Julie’s lentil, carrot, tomato soup for her. The hair and fashions have changed but this remains a favourite in our family. She is...

scandi smoked fish

Scandi smoked fish for lunch or a party

A couple of weeks ago I took a road trip to my old stomping ground of Leeds to cook for a group of 30 interiors lovers who are all members of No House Rules. Given their love of all things home decor, I brought out my favourite food item from Ikea – the giant knackebrod...

easiest cake

The easiest and most useful cake I know

I don’t like to follow too many rules but with baking you have to. That’s why I love this cake, because it breaks quite a few of the rules that we’re meant to follow and also gives you the freedom to play around with flavours. It truly is the easiest cake recipe I know. It...

roast sausage gnocchi

roast sausage gnocchi with tomato and greens

AKA ‘easy dins for little ones when the mums need to get on the wine and chat fast.’ I first made this roast sausage gnocchi when my frazzled friend was over with her children one Friday after school. It remains one of the easiest recipes and most quickly gobbled dinners I’ve made this year. I...

spanish cod patatas bravas

Spanish roast cod with patatas bravas, greens and aioli

This Spanish cod is smart enough to serve when entertaining but easy enough to make mid-week. My children love this dinner – I think the tomato sauce and the potatoes are the child-bait. I love it too because there is minimal washing and once you’ve made it a couple of times you won’t really need...


Middle Eastern chicken with green tahini sauce and lemon roast potatoes.

In my twenties I could often be found on the Edgeware Road in London late at night, scoffing Middle Eastern food. The combination of char-grilled chicken, citrusy herbs, chilli, and sesame sauce remains one of the flavour combinations I most lust-after. This Middle Eastern chicken is a great summer recipe as it is delicious fresh...

black bean soup

Black bean sopa Azteca – Mexican black bean soup

This Mexican soup is a regular dinner for us – the add-ins made it really filling and substantial. A few steps at the start of the recipe give the soup a wonderful smoky depth of flavour. And the end additions give it freshness and texture. This soup freezes beautifully, making it great for lunch or...

mushroom barley soup

mushroom barley soup with rosemary

This mushroom barley soup came about because I spotted loads of large mushrooms in the reduced area at the supermarket. I also spotted a bag of soffrito, reduced to 10p. Soffrito is just the Italian name for chopped onion, carrot and celery – the basis for most Italian soups, sauces and stews. I never usually...

apple snow

apple snow with blackberry ripple

Faced with piles of blackberries from a recent walk and a bag of Bramley cooking apples from my Mum’s tree, I felt myself lean towards my default blackberry and apple crumble. But then I remembered the cloud-eating joy of apple snow and wondered if it was still as good as I remembered. It was. Better...