I've spent years teaching thousands of real people with real lives to cook in my cooking classes in the UK and California. My tried and tested recipes are influenced by my time living in both countries and are written to help you get real food on the table without drama. I share how to tackle feeding a family without cooking more than one meal a night as well as all my tips for stress-free modern entertaining. I love using seasonal ingredients, organic where possible, but I'm also realistic - so I share my favourite cooking hacks and tips to help you save time and money as you cook. You'll find everything from one-pan dinners, healthy family breakfasts, flavour-packed salads and delicious desserts.

tomato salad

tomato salad and pan con tomate video

Want to know how to make the perfect tomato salad? Here’s how I’ve made a video to share all my tips for making the most of my favourite ingredient – the tomato. A tomato salad is such a classic summer side, so let’s make sure you’re making it the best it can be. I love...

how to make scones

how to make scones in less than half an hour

How to make scones These scones have always been a fixture in my life. They can be rustled up in minutes with barely any ingredients. They were one of the first things I learned to make and are a great baking activity with children. So many people have learned how to make scones using this...

cookalong week 2

cookalong recipes – week 2

store cupboard cookalong recipes – week 2 It has been so lovely to see so many of you cooking at home during this strange time we’re living through. Get the free recipe booklet that accompanies the week 2 cookalong videos I don’t go into detail of measurements and all the substitutions in the cookalong videos...

cooking class video

cookalong recipes – week 1

store cupboard cookalong recipes – week 1 It has been so lovely to see so many of you cooking at home during this strange time we’re living through. As I get to the end of the first week of sharing videos of my cookalong recipes, I’m working out the best technical way to share the...

Julie's lentil, carrot, tomato soup

Julie’s lentil, carrot, tomato soup

Growing up this was a pretty-much weekly item on our menu. My Mum, Julie, embraced lentil eating in the 80s along with her perm and shoulder pads. So I’m naming this as Julie’s lentil, carrot, tomato soup for her. The hair and fashions have changed but this remains a favourite in our family. She is...

pappa al pomodoro

pappa al pomodoro – Tuscan tomato soup

pappa al pomodoro recipe This classic Tuscan bread and tomato soup, pappa al pomodoro, is super speedy, silky smooth, family friendly and works brilliantly for a lunch or dinner. It also freezes well, making it handy for quick after school and work dinners. I recently made a cookalong video of me making this so why...


black bean burgers

These protein-packed black bean burgers are one of our favourite meat-free Monday dinners. They pass the carnivore and suspicious child test with flying colours, but I love them because they’re healthy and easy to make, and give me the satisfaction of noshing a burger whilst feeling smugly virtuous. I always keep canned black beans in...

banana bread

banana bread – perfect to freeze for lunchboxes

When I posted a picture of this banana bread on social media this weekend I received a bonkers amount of comments. Loads of you sent me recipes for your favourite banana bread recipes. It seems I’m not the only one who is on a quest to find The One when it comes to banana bread....

roast sausage gnocchi

roast sausage gnocchi with tomato and greens

AKA ‘easy dins for little ones when the mums need to get on the wine and chat fast.’ I first made this roast sausage gnocchi when my frazzled friend was over with her children one Friday after school. It remains one of the easiest recipes and most quickly gobbled dinners I’ve made this year. I...

beetroot cannellini dip

beetroot, cannellini, basil and sherry vinegar dip

I made a quick batch of this beetroot cannellini dip as part of a nibbly platter for my students last week. I’d been jonesing for these flavours since I had the Marks and Spencer version of this beetroot and bean dip at Christmas. Not only is this dip fabulously purple, it tastes amazing, can be...

easiest cake

The easiest and most useful cake I know

Easiest cake I know recipe I don’t like to follow too many rules but with baking you have to. That’s why I love this cake, because it breaks quite a few of the rules that we’re meant to follow and also gives you the freedom to play around with flavours. It truly is the easiest...

noodle bowls

noodle bowls two ways – the perfect healthy, fast food

Knowing the secrets to building good noodle bowls will always get you out of a ‘I’m starving, what’s for dinner’ situation. The bowls can be prepped and finished off when people need to eat – perfect for houses where there are early and later eaters to cater for. I tend not to follow a recipe...

green herb sauce

green herb sauce – ‘so good you should bottle it’

I made this green herb sauce for a client this week and it blew her and her family away. So much so that she said I should bottle it to make my fortune! The thing is, it is too fresh to bottle so I’m sharing it with you here instead. You’re welcome. All the ways...

the easiest tomato sauce for pasta

the easiest tomato sauce for pasta

Home from a week away and tired after a long journey. I was so close to ordering pizza but then I realised what I really wanted was a bowl of pasta with a good tomato sauce and too much Parmesan. So I turned to the easiest tomato sauce for pasta there is. This classic recipe...

one pan pasta

self-saucing one pan pasta…a game changing technique

I am forever in pursuit of recipes that allow me and you to get from-scratch, healthy food onto the table fast with minimal cleaning up. And this one pan pasta technique ticks all those boxes. I am, clearly, a pretty compulsive cook. But I am far from being a domestic goddess as I hate cleaning...


tuna polpette with fresh tomato and pepper sauce

Doing this job, I’ve found that a lot of people are a bit funny about canned tuna. In fact there are all sorts of foods that people have issues with, usually because of the way they tried something as a child. I love it when I get someone to love something they’d avoided since childhood,...

cookalong Thai basil stir fry

15 minute Thai basil stir fry

This recipe for a 15 minute Thai basil stir fry is one I’ve taught in my classes for a few years and it never fails to get people excited. In fact, I love this recipe so much I’ve made a video of me making it, showing you all the tips and tricks so you can cook...

scandi smoked fish

Scandi smoked fish for lunch or a party

Scandi smoked fish recipe A couple of weeks ago I took a road trip to my old stomping ground of Leeds to cook for a group of 30 interiors lovers who are all members of No House Rules. Given their love of all things home decor, I brought out my favourite food item from Ikea...