ten nourishing breakfast ideas

Breakfast can be a big rush in most houses. We all know how important it is to start the day off right but good intentions don’t always win out.

These are the breakfasts I love to have at home to start my day feeling nourished and healthy. If I’m eating out I tend to have bacon, eggs and veggies without the toast or cheese.

I don’t have this variety most weeks. Just pick 2 or 3 of them and cook/prep in bulk so you can grab them easily in the morning.  It really helps to have all members of your family having the same thing so you can get breakfast on the table fast.

Even though these are all breakfasts, I often have them at other times of the day.

1. Hot water and lemon, always. I slice lemons and keep them in the fridge ready for a few days of this. I sip this while I’m getting myself ready and making breakfast for my clan

Lemons in a bath

2. Buckwheat porridge or gluten-free oat porridge with a spoonful of sugar-free almond or sunflower butter, some grated apple or chopped banana, a sprinkle of cinnamon and bee pollen. My boys have a little maple syrup or honey on their too. I make a huge batch of this that lasts us for 3 mornings. The recipe is here.

buckwheat porridge

3. Chia pudding with berries and nuts.

Chia pudding with blueberries and almonds

4. Boiled eggs. A bit dull but a lifesaver when I’m busy. I boil 10 up on a Monday morning then peel them and keep them in the fridge ready to be chopped onto salads, into my children’s sandwiches or for me to eat dipped in a little Maldon for breakfast with some chopped avocado. If I have time I’ll chop some parsley and capers and mix them through the eggs with black pepper.


5. Scrambled eggs or an omelet with avocado and veggies, maybe with some of my homemade buckwheat toast too

6.  A smoothie made from fresh or frozen pineapple or mango with fresh mint and a ton of spinach or kale. I usually have this with some kind of eggs on the side for protein

7.  Bacon and tomato buckwheat porridge with a soft egg – for a weekend brunch or a day when I know I’ll be busy and will only have time for a quick lunch.

bacon and buckwheat porridge with an oozy egg

8.  My date and almond banana shake

Date, almond and banana shake

9.  A slice of my breakfast egg bake – I make a big batch and grab a slice each morning, if I have enough chewing time I’ll serve it on some lemon dressed arugula (rocket)

egg bake on leaves

10.  Buckwheat toast with almond butter and a banana for when I feel I need some bulk

With goats cheese or almond butter and honey

Buckwheat toast with almond butter



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