Shredded lime and salt-dressed cabbage

lime and salt-dressed cabbage

This shredded lime and salt-dressed cabbage is a perfect taco night addition.  It is so simple to make and really packs a punch. It works perfectly in tacos with pulled pork with roasted carrots, crumbled feta and avocado or steak (pan-fried until rare then rested for a few minutes before slicing finely) with roasted or bbq corn, avocado and salsa.

I like to use white or red cabbage. For around an eighth of a cabbage you’ll need the juice and zest of two limes and a half teaspoon of salt.  The acidity of the lime dumbs down the raw cabbage flavour and brings brightness to whatever you serve this with.

Lime and Salt-dressed cabbage ingredients

One quarter white or red cabbage

4 limes, juice and zest

1 teaspoon salt

To make:

Finely shred white or red cabbage (see my how-to video) and toss the shredded pieces with lime juice and zest and sea salt. Leave for an hour before stirring again and serving. Leftovers can be kept in the fridge for a day.


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