rosemary bacon hassleback potatoes

These rosemary bacon hassleback potatoes are the easiest and most delicious spuds to sit alongside all your feasts. I love these as an easy alternative to my roast potatoes with a roast dinner but I won’t say no to them with some fish and salad or even on their own.

These hassleback potatoes have maximum surface area for crunch and are soft and yielding within.

You can half bake them earlier in the day if you are cooking for a crowd and want to speed up the final cooking time.

If the bacon is an issue, you can use olive oil or butter instead. But do use the bacon fat if you can please!

To make rosemary bacon hassleback potatoes

Just scrub your potatoes – this works with any kind but I usually use a potato that is a little bigger than a large egg. Don’t stress about it though.

Cut thin slices 90% of the way down so they are held together at the bottom.

Then put them on an oven tray and put a drizzle of oil, or a half teaspoon of butter; chicken, goose or turkey schmaltz or bacon fat on top of each one (you know that the bacon fat version is going to taste the best don’t you?!). Shove a sprig of rosemary into the middle of each potato (between the leaves of the potato). The fat melts down as the potato cooks to make the leaves and the bottom of the potato crispy and delish.

Cook at 400f (200c) for 40-60 mins depending on the size of your spud. Just give it a squeeze to see if it’s cooked.

Sprinkle with Maldon salt and a little white wine vinegar before serving.