healthy dinner for toddlers (and grown ups) in a jiffy

This is a quick, healthy kid-friendly dinner. It gets me out of a hole every week when I want to get my boys to eat something healthy without me doing much cooking. It’s yummy for grown ups too – I just mash mine a little less!

I always keep small pots of cooked brown rice (I always make extra when I cook it) in the freezer so I can get dinner made quickly. I also have frozen chopped spinach, corn and peas too. So to make this, I throw rice, spinach, corn and peas in the microwave for 3 minutes (until defrosted and piping hot). Then mash an avocado into it along with the juice of a lemon (the acid hit is essential for lifting the flavour). Then stir through leftover cooked salmon and salt and pepper. If I don’t have lemon I use balsamic with equal success. Hope it helps you too.Dino plate optional