Dirty Blonde – Lemon Elderflower Cocktail

lemon elderflower cocktain

As an attempt to make Friday nights in feel a little more like Friday nights out, my husband and I have taken to making cocktails and this delicious gin, lemon elderflower cocktail fits the bill perfectly. We used to be out drinking cocktails a lot more than we do now so we have a good bank of memories to recreate. Two toddlers have changed our ability to perch, in darkness, on bar stools in speakeasies. So we make our own at home more often than not. I’m not advocating too much drinking as a way of coping with life’s stresses but there is nothing like a beautifully prepared cocktail and a slick of lipstick to make the evening feel a nicer place to be. If you have friends coming over, a well made cocktail shows them that you are taking their visit seriously and creates a nice sense of occasion.

We had had a few cocktails containing Lillet recently. Most memorably at Chateau Marmont on a rare child-free weekend away. We didn’t stay there, lets not be crazy, but we did manage to snag a table in their beautiful courtyard bar. That evening was extra memorable because, to my husbands dismay, my crush du jour, Alexander Skarsgard, was one table away. Of course I didn’t speak to him but I did have a wonderful opportunity to stare. Anyway, I digress. Back to cocktails…

The dirty blonde was so named because the night I made it I was in dire need of my roots doing and the drink is yellow. In secret (although not so secret now) it is also in homage to Mr Skarsgard who is also blonde and, perhaps, dirty.

The key here is to make sure everything is frosty cold. Keep your glasses and alcohol in the freezer for half an hour before serving. If you want to make the cocktail ahead of time (an hour or so), make it and keep it in the freezer in a glass jug.

I’ve taught this cocktail in a ton of my classes and I’m thrilled to say it is my most read post on here. So many people here in California have made it their house cocktail so I hope you like it too. I’d love to see what you end up with when you make it (or how you end up after drinking it!), so remember to share this on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest when you make it. Tag it #ystcook so I can see!

Ingredients to make one strong drink (to make more, just remember – equal parts of all the liquids)

60ml (2 oz) lemon juice (around a whole lemon)

60ml (2 oz) Lillet

60ml (2 oz) St Germain or Thatchers organic elderflower liqueur

60ml (2 oz) gin, I like Hendricks or St George

1 length of lemon rind – I use a potato peeler to get mine

To make:

1.  Mix all the ingredients in a jug with a large cube of ice, taste and adjust. If you want more sweetness add more St Germain

2.  Strain into an iced glass and add the length of lemon peel. If you need to pace yourself, add some sparkling water.