cabbage salad with dried figs and toasted seeds

I love this salad with tagine and a pile of steamed cous cous, or with roast chicken, steak or salmon. It is a great lunchbox salad as it hangs around really well. The sweetness of the figs makes what is essentially a slaw just a bit more interesting. This is such an easy salad, it doesn’t really need a recipe, but if you’d like to make it as a side for four people, follow the quantities below.

Just finely shred red and white cabbage – I use about a third of a cabbage of each colour, but of course it depends how big your cabbage and your appetite is! See my video of how to shred a cabbage easily.

Tossed the cabbage with around 2 tablespoons each of red wine vinegar and walnut oil, plus salt, pepper and around 6 finely chopped dried figs. Taste it and add more salt and vinegar as needed then top with toasted mixed seeds.

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