cookalong recipes – week 2

cookalong week 2

store cupboard cookalong recipes – week 2

It has been so lovely to see so many of you cooking at home during this strange time we’re living through.

Get the free recipe booklet that accompanies the week 2 cookalong videos

I don’t go into detail of measurements and all the substitutions in the cookalong videos so I’ve written a booklet with all the week’s recipes in. Click on the link below to get the PDF of the week 2 recipe booklet straight away.

Download the free week 2 recipe booklet – scones, noodle bowls and chips and dips

Get the week 1 cookalong recipes by clicking on the link below

Download free week 1 recipe booklet – flapjacks, pea pesto pasta, tomato bean soup and roast carrot hummus with tortilla chips

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Where to watch the cooklalong videos

The cookalong videos are all saved in my my Instagram feed and they will be there for you to follow whenever works for you.

Watch the Scones videos here.

Watch the noodle bowls videos here.

Watch the wedges and dip video here.

I’d recommend watching the videos all the way through and downloading the written recipes before you start cooking.

I’m working on how I can also share the cookalong videos through my Facebook page and email newsletter.

How I’m managing to do all this for free

I’ll be making new cookalong videos of more store cupboard recipes every week while we’re self-isolating. However, because I’m doing this for free, I need to work out how this fits with my business and family. It has been taking about 4 hours a day to write, film, edit, upload and manage the admin of sharing the written recipes.

I will keep making these videos and recipes free for as long as I am able, and I’d ask you to repay the favour by signing up for my newsletter.

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