baked stuffed potatoes

baked stuffed potatoes

This baked stuffed potatoes is a very simple recipe but is a great, fast dinner. Especially if you plan ahead to have leftover baked potatoes in the fridge.

My mum makes these for my boys whenever we arrive back at her house having flown in from California. She makes them a bowl of her lentil soup and these on the side. It is her way of packing some goodness in to them after a day of plane food and snacks.

I had some baked potatoes in the fridge left over from a class the other night before. I had imagined I’d bake the skins with olive oil and salt and eat them like crisps (or chips) with some kind of dip. But then I thought of my mum, and threw these together. They’re a great thing to make, as you can prep them ahead and just bake them when you’re ready to eat them. They’re protein packed and a good way of hiding some greenery too.

I think these are a pretty perfect post-beach, after-school or halloween dinner. They make a nice alternative to sandwiches for packed lunches too.

The recipe below makes enough for 2-3 fist sized potatoes. This isn’t really a weighing and measuring kind of recipe so hang loose and see what works for you.

Baked stuffed potatoes Ingredients:

2-3 fist-sized russet or floury potatoes (not waxy potatoes)

1 egg

a couple of tablespoons of pesto (a great opportunity to get extra greens) or a tablespoon of Dijon mustard

Around 4 tablespoons grated or crumbled, big-flavoured cheese, like mature Cheddar, Parmesan or Gruyere – of course, more cheese is more delicious, so just add as much as you want

half a teaspoon each of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

optional – crumbled cooked bacon, chopped tomatoes, chopped ham, a can of drained tuna, corn, chopped basil

To make:

1. If you have raw potatoes, scrub them but don’t peel them. Prick them in about 4 spots with a fork and then microwave them for 8 minutes and then pop them into the oven at 200c or 400f for around 20 minutes until they are soft when you squeeze them and the skins are crisp. The potatoes can be cooked up to 3 days in advance. If you don’t have a microwave just cook them in the oven for longer – usually around 45 minutes depending on the size of the potato

2. When the potatoes are cooked and you are ready to eat, cut them in half and scoop out the flesh. Don’t be too enthusiastic – you want to leave a thin layer of potato inside the skin to help hold the skins together

3. Put the scooped out flesh into a bowl with the pesto, half of the cheese, salt and pepper and the egg. Use a fork to mix everything together. Have a taste and adjust the seasoning to suit

4. Use a spoon to put the mushed up potato and pesto mixture into the shells then put the filled shells onto a baking dish. I try and lean the shells on the sides of the dish or wedge them next to each other so they don’t tip over. At this stage you can keep the stuffed potatoes in the fridge for a couple of days

5. Sprinkle the filled shells with the rest of the cheese and put into a 200c or 400f oven for 20-30 minutes, until they are bubbling and golden. Then serve immediately.


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