21 day re-nourish plan – week 2 menu and recipes

egg and kale-slaw

So how are you doing?  One week in to the three-week plan and I can really feel the benefit of all the nourishing foods I’ve cooked with. And I’ve really felt the difference by not having any sugar, gluten or dairy. I have been sleeping better, I’m less puffy, my skin is better and I feel less tired during the day. I hope you’re feeling the benefits too.  Remember to follow me and get up to the minute motivation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I also just created a 21 day board on Pinterest so be sure to follow me there.

Being realistic is important though, as is knowing that one slip-up does not mean the end! The 70:30 rule really helps me as I know I can have the odd wobble/treat as long as I don’t let that wobble last. So I did let myself have 2 drinks last weekend. I had planned to have 21 days without any booze but we had a rather huge celebration to, er, celebrate so I decided to break that plan with 2 glasses of champagne. But I stopped at two which is not like me. And I was mindful of drinking lots of water and having a super-healthy dinner with it. Even after those two glasses I felt foggy the next morning which served as a reminder of why it is good to cut down on the booze overall. No regrets though, every sip of that champagne was bliss.

I’ve been replacing my wine with green tea, mint tea or kombucha – a fermented tea that is full of probiotics. I love the ginger one from these guys.  I sometimes add some fresh mint to mine and serve it over ice when I’m craving a cocktail. It is pretty close to a Moscow Mule.

I had a huge chocolate craving last week and curbed it by making a batch of these delicious gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free brownies from Hemsley and Hemsley with my boys. I know, brownies should not be on this plan right? But these are made from the kind of ingredients that are so healthy they make you think they’ll taste disgusting. I mean, black bean purée in a cake? No thanks. Seriously though, give them a try as something magical happens and you are left with a batch of the most scrummy, chocolate bites with zero guilt. My husband and my two boys inhaled them.

I hope you found last week’s menu helpful and would love to hear what you’ve been making to eat while you’re following this plan, and what you’d like more help with.

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Here is this week’s menu, you’ll see we’re reaping the benefits of some of the doubling up of recipes last week. Your freezer should be starting to be a good source of quick healthy meals, meaning less time food shopping and prepping. See you next week xx

week 2 Breakfast lunch dinner Prep ahead
Monday 2 boiled eggs with a half avocado sprinkled with chili flakes and sea salt lentil soup (from freezer, made last week) tuna in sesame seed crust with zucchini noodles (made with my spiralizer), dressed with tamari, lime juice, grated ginger and chili. I added buckwheat soba noodles for my boys. 1. make extra tuna, dressing and zoodles (zucchini noodles) for lunch tomorrow)
2. boil and peel eggs for the next 4 days
3. chop pineapple for snacks and smoothies
4. Shred veggies for slaw
5. Make 2 salad dressings and keep in jar in fridge
Tuesday smoothie made from frozen kale, chopped pineapple, water and fresh mint. leftover tuna and veggies with dressing rotisserie chicken with black beans, guacamole, salsa, baby spinach. Add organic corn tacos for the rest of the family. make double the amount of salsa and guac and keep some in the fridge
Wednesday 2 boiled eggs with a half avocado sprinkled with chili flakes and sea salt leftover chicken with slaw, almonds and salsa kale salad with avocado dressing, bacon and potatoes 1. get turkey bolog out of freezer for tomorrow
Thursday date, almond and banana shake veggie and lentil soup, slaw turkey bolognaise with veggies or zucchini noodles (sauce was made and frozen week 1) and green salad 1. Cut 3 red or yellow bell peppers into strips and fry them along with a handful of cherry tomatoes in a teaspoon of garlic infused olive oil for around 10 minutes until soft and sweet. Finish with salt and pepper to taste and a half teaspoon red wine vinegar. Keep for adding to breakfast/salads the next few days
2. get meatballs and stew out of freezer for tomorrow
Friday scrambled eggs with leftover bell pepper and tomato stew (see Thursday prep) veggie stew (from freezer from week 1) with lemon and olive oil dressed cucumber and avocado and a few pumpkin seeds meatballs (from freezer from week 1) roasted with a drained can of chickpeas, 1 inch pieces of cauliflower, carrots, halved brussel sprouts and drizzled with tahini mixed with olive oil, mint and chili
Saturday pepper and tomato stew with poached eggs and prosciutto veggie and lentil soup slow roast pork with kale pesto and roast butternut squash 1. make double pesto and squash and store
2. get turkey burgers out of freezer
Sunday scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with avocado and cucumber Bahn-mi burgers – from freezer from week 1 with salad (stuff into baguettes for my boys) leftover kale pesto (from last night) and squash tossed through zucchini noodles (brown rice noodles for my boys) 1. make veggie stew with any leftover veggies in the freezer and freeze in individual portions
2. make extra pesto dressed squash for lunch tomorrow
To add more bulk to meals
– add brown rice or quinoa (I cook a big batch and freeze it in individual portions) to meals if you’d like
– add organic corn tortillas or potato wedges
– use brown rice pasta instead of, or mixed half and half with the zucchini noodles with the turkey bolognaise
– serve soup with buckwheat bread, spread with goats cheese or houmus


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