Scandi smoked fish for lunch or a party

A couple of weeks ago I took a road trip to my old stomping ground of Leeds to cook for a group of 30 interiors lovers who are all members...

scandi smoked fish
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peppermint bark – a perfect homemade gift

This homemade peppermint bark recipe is so easy and a fraction of the cost of the bark sold at Williams Sonoma (theirs is $28 per lb, mine is closer to...

peppermint bark
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Julie’s lentil, carrot, tomato soup

Growing up this was a pretty-much weekly item on our menu. My Mum, Julie, embraced lentil eating in the 80s along with her perm and shoulder pads. So I’m naming...

Julie's lentil, carrot, tomato soup
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beetroot, cannellini, basil and sherry vinegar dip

I made a quick batch of this beetroot cannellini dip as part of a nibbly platter for my students last week. I’d been jonesing for these flavours since I had...

beetroot cannellini dip
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Black bean sopa Azteca – Mexican black bean soup

This Mexican soup is a regular dinner for us – the add-ins made it really filling and substantial. A few steps at the start of the recipe give the soup...

black bean soup
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roast sausage gnocchi with tomato and greens

AKA ‘easy dins for little ones when the mums need to get on the wine and chat fast.’ I first made this roast sausage gnocchi when my frazzled friend was...

roast sausage gnocchi
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Spanish roast cod with patatas bravas, greens and aioli

This Spanish cod is smart enough to serve when entertaining but easy enough to make mid-week. My children love this dinner – I think the tomato sauce and the potatoes...

spanish cod patatas bravas
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15 minute Thai basil stir fry

This recipe for a 15 minute Thai basil stir fry is one I’ve taught in my classes for a few years and it never fails to get people excited. In fact,...

cookalong Thai basil stir fry
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slow roast grapes and garlic for your cheese board

Need a cheeseboard of dreams? This slow roast grapes and garlic cheese platter is perfectly balanced with sweet and saltiness. It also looks beautiful and is perfect to plonk on...

slow roast grapes and garlic
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Orange, fennel, olive and caper salad

This easy orange, fennel, olive and caper salad brings zing and brightness to the table. The salt of the olives and capers balances the sweetness of the orange. This should...

orange, fennel, olive and caper salad
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spiced chocolate mousse pots

These gently spiced chocolate mousse pots are one of the easiest of make-ahead desserts. They are gluten and dairy free too so they cater for pretty much every guest, children...

spiced chocolate mousse
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Slaw the easiest way to max out your veg intake and brighten your meals

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to add a slaw recipe to my site. Although I did make this video a couple of years back. It is...

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salsa verde butter – add oomph to anything

This salsa verde butter came about by accident when I had leftover salsa verde from another recipe and mushed some with butter to sneak onto a chunk of crusty bread....

salsa verde butter
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Anglo Italian fish and chips

I’ve been making a variation of this dish for years. My children love it and it is just the ticket when you crave something with big flavours, crunch and comfort. Think of...

fish and chips
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the easiest tomato sauce for pasta

Home from a week away and tired after a long journey. I was so close to ordering pizza but then I realised what I really wanted was a bowl of...

the easiest tomato sauce for pasta
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Giant chocolate chunk cookie with spelt and sea salt

I love the reaction when I bring this giant chocolate chunk cookie out after dinner. Adults momentarily turn back into children. Children can’t believe their eyes. This recipe is a...

Giant chocolate chunk cookie
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The easiest and most useful cake I know

I don’t like to follow too many rules but with baking you have to. That’s why I love this cake, because it breaks quite a few of the rules that...

easiest cake
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roast carrot salad with goats cheese, salsa verde and honey

I've been teaching this salad in classes for a while and it always gets amazing feedback. It is perfect for a light lunch or as a side dish to roast chicken....

Roast carrot salad
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