Northern Blog Awards – I need your vote!


This year I decided to get a bit braver, to start ignoring the inner voice that tells me to wait until things are perfect before sharing them. One of the things I did was enter my business into some awards. Can you guess where this is going? I’m so excited, and a little bit gobsmacked, to have been shortlisted in not one, but two categories for the Northern Blog Awards!

Being shortlisted alongside some of the people I have admired from afar has blown my mind, but now I’ve got a taste for it I’d really quite like to win my categories. Yep, I said it, I know it’s not very British but I’d like to win. And that’s where I really need your help. Actually I need your vote.

It will only take a minute of your time but if I do win, it will open all sorts of doors – not least helping get my book signed. It will also show that all the hours I spend recipe testing, shopping, washing pans and banging away on my laptop are getting somewhere.

To make it super duper easy, here’s what you need to do…

  1. Click here to cast your vote.
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Click Next through the first 4 pages to page 5: Foodies & Cooking

3. Select You Say Tomato in Foodies & Cooking Blogger and also Foodies & Cooking Vlogger.

4. Click Next through the next 11 pages – or stop and vote for some of the other fab people who are nominated in their categories.

5. On the final page click Yes or No to receive the We Blog North newsletter and click Submit. That’s it.

The winners will be announced at a fancy awards ceremony in September so I’ll let you know how I do. Thank you.

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