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Thanks so much to all of you for the comments on last week’s menu. I’m so happy to see so many of you cooking along with me. Please keep the pictures and comments coming when you cook along with these plans. Here are the previous eight weeks’ plans.

As always we make one meal each night and anyone who doesn’t like part of it just leaves it. Less drama and less time cooking. The boys are still off school and I’m cooking on stage at food festivals this weekend so another busy week. Supermarket trips with the boys never end well so I’ve planned to use up what we have in the fridge and freezer.

Find the recipe for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s dinners below. Thursday’s dinner is a fridge-clearing noodle bowl so the veg may change but the salmon is already in the freezer. Friday night is dinner with friends at my fav hangout, Soho Farmhouse. Let me know if you’re heading to Jamie Oliver’s The Big Feastival on Saturday or CarFest on Sunday and I’ll say hi.

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Scroll down for this week’s week menu plan and some of the recipe links.

Here’s what we’re having this week….


Turkey, sweet potato and black bean spiced stew, avocado, lime, chopped tomatoes, cucumber, baked potatoes and grated cheese


An old favourite. I always have bags of this big-batch stew in the freezer. Regular readers will have seen it crop up before with rice or on nachos. This week we microwaved big potatoes then finished them in the oven to crisp up the skin. I defrosted the stew in the microwave too and we finished off reheating it in the oven with the potatoes. We had a really simple chopped salad with lots of lime. Hands-on cooking time less than 10 minutes and clean plates all round. This recipe is also a brilliant veggie dinner if you make it without the tuekey. Find the recipe here.


Chicken and cauli pilaf with romesco sauce…although it wasn’t

easy pilaf

I’d planned for a cauli chicken pilaf for our dinner using this recipe. And this romesco recipe (I had a jar already made in the fridge leftover from the weekend. But, as sometimes happens, as the day went on I was craving more spice.

So the same ingredients, that I’d already bought, went into making Korean chicken, wholemeal chapatis and pickled cucumbers with gochujang yoghurt and the cauli was roasted to go alongside. The point of meal planning is not to be rigid. Some nights it is comforting not to have to think, but other nights it is freeing to have the ingredients to make one thing but to get creative and make something else.

I’ll write up the Korean chicken recipe very soon as it was delicious.


Black bean burgers, sweet potato wedges, salad with coriander and lime.

black bean burgers

This is another of my favourite freezer filling recipes. Although it is fast to make from scratch using store cupboard ingredients. Here’s the recipe. I keep the burger mixture in the freezer so I can make burgers in minutes. These are just the thing when you want to chomp down on a burger and all the fixings but want to seat well. I made a huge pile of red cabbage, coriander (cilantro), lime and carrot slaw to go with these. I cheated and used frozen sweet potato fries to go with these because some days you just need to have some help…and some fries.


Crispy salmon with noodles, miso, ginger, carrot, kale, broccoli, sesame seeds and lime.

salmon noodle bowl menu plan

Noodle bowls are a great fridge-clearer. The boys pick the bits they want in theirs so there is not multiple-meal cooking.

To get a crispy skin on my salmon, I dry the salmon with paper towel, sprinkle the skin with salt and place it in a hot, oiled frying pan on a medium high heat. I leave it without moving until the salmon is opaque up the side then carefully slide a spatula under it and flip it before turning the pan off. Don’t fiddle too early or the skin won’t crisp and will tear. Luckily I married someone who hates salmon skin so I get extra of the crispy good stuff. The recipe I follow is loosely based on the one I describe here.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday


I’m off cooking duty at home and will instead be cooking my Thai basil stir fry on stage in front of (hopefully) hundreds of people. If you won’t make it to the festivals, you can make it at home by following the recipe and video here.

cookalong Thai basil stir fry

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