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banana pancakes

We’ve got a bit of a funny one this week as I’m working away, teaching classes in London, so my Mum and Dad are on dinner and school run duty. I’m renaming this week as ‘valentines and pancakes’ week.

Rather than give you a full meal plan, here are my previous weeks’ plans – there are 16 plans now so you should easily find some dinner ideas.

I can’t let this (valentines and pancakes) week pass without sharing recipes for Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day – which both fall this week. How amazing is that? Just what we need after January.

Tuesday – Pancake Day

It is pancake day in the UK so I can’t miss the chance to share a brand new healthy banana pancake recipe along with my traditional English pancakes and my grain packed American style pancakes. Why not go mad and have pancakes for breakfast and a different kind for dinner on Tuesday?

Traditional English pancakes

Read about the history of pancake day and get my recipe here.

Grain packed LA pancakes

grain packed healthy pancakesHere’s the recipe.

Banana pancakes with blueberries, yoghurt and orange.

banana pancakesHere’s the recipe.

Wednesday – Valentine’s Day

Most of the people I speak to agree that going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day falls under the category of forced fun and should be avoided at all costs. Save the money, spend it on a fancier bottle of wine than you’d usually get and make dinner for your beloved at home. Even better, give them one of my recipes or one of my cook along videos and have them make dinner for you. That said, because we’re both working away we will be eating out. But I’ve booked a 10pm table so that we can hopefully miss the silent couples earlier in the evening.

I think Saltimbocca is pretty perfect to delegate. Depending where you are in a relationship you may wants to decide if pasta or a salad is more appropriate alongside…if you know what I mean. I know I’d swoon if someone made me this chocolate chip cookie with ice cream.

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Over the weeks you’ll start to see patterns of how my plans work so that you can start making your own meal plan each week with the recipes and meals you love. Some of the recipes will be from my site, others will be going into my book which will be out later this year.