Monthly UK meal plan subscription

Let me take the stress out of your weekday cooking

I’ve lost count of how many people have asked if I can just move into their house to help them cook. Instead I’ve created the next best thing, a brand new way for me to help take the food thinking out of your week.

I’m so excited to launch my new service where I send you a monthly meal plan, brand new recipes and a shopping list.

I’ll make it really easy for you to get around the shops knowing that what you buy will be used. Along the way you’ll learn how to cook delicious food, how to store it for later and how to bring it back to life from being in the freezer or fridge. You’ll gain confidence, save money and your household will eat better food. The materials I share are created exclusively for subscribers and won’t be available anywhere else online.

Your monthly subscription will start on 1st January 2019 and will give you

An introduction pack with a store cupboard guide and a few basics to get you started as well as a discount on any classes you book with me. On the 1st of each month I’ll send you…

  • A monthly shopping list and weekly meal plans. Follow the plan rigidly or, as most people do, use it as a starting point and fiddle with it a bit to suit your needs. The shopping list will be by aisle so you can you use it to do online or real time shopping.
  • New recipes to try each month – A PDF booklet with detailed recipes that are tried and tested and have ways of being switched around to suit chaotic mealtimes and a range of dietary needs. Each month the recipes will make the most of what is in season and will start to stock your freezer and fridge with building blocks. These recipes are created just for this monthly booklet and won’t appear on my website or elsewhere.
  • A quick-to-watch video where I talk through the plan for the month, share some tips and show you techniques that will help you cook better.
  • In time I’ll add in some new materials – stress free party menus, kitchen organisation guides and seasonal occasion specials as well as exclusive online tutorials and Q&As.

Don’t just take my word for it…

“I have learnt so much from Gemma, not just from her delicious recipes but also her philosophy of using up leftovers and cooking once, eating twice. I now have a freezer stocked with pots (all labelled with masking tape!) of meals I’ve made double of and will reheat and serve in a different way. I can now also look into my fridge and come up with ways to use leftover ingredients instead of throwing them away – the other day I made quesadillas with some frozen tortillas, cheese, ham, a random tomato and some wilting spring onions – topped with some delicious salsa from Gemma’s website that I had in the fridge. She has definitely saved me money and my sanity – we no longer throw away loads of food and I spend time planning meals with what I have in my fridge and freezer every week instead.” Megan, self-employed mum of two.

Sign up now and take advantage of the early bird offer

This offer is available for anyone signing up before 29th December 2018. The welcome pack and materials for your first month will be sent to you on 1st January 2019. Then you’ll receive an email on the first of each month (starting 1st January 2019) with all that month’s materials in.


One-off annual payment of £120 (early bird saving of £60 per year). You can cancel after 1 year.
Monthly payment of £15 per month (early bird saving of £5 per month). You can cancel at any time.

You can pay with a credit or debit card or via Paypal using the Subscribe button below.

The first payment will be taken when you sign up. If you’re paying monthly, your monthly payment will come out on the date that you sign up – so if you sign up on 5th December, you’ll pay each month on the 5th. You can cancel your monthly payment at any time.

Early Bird annual or monthly options

If you have issues with getting food on the table that need a more bespoke solution, just get in touch via the contact form. I can arrange a call to understand what you need, run through some options and get started with helping you out. This works well if you have more specific dietary restrictions or a schedule that means you can’t follow the standard plan.