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kitchen design

As I write this I’m just starting a whole house remodel. Words that I know bring a feeling of dread to many people but, perhaps naively, I’m so excited about. Even though we’re doing it from 6,000 miles away. Please remind me of the excited bit when I’m tearing my hair out in a few months!

The bit of the remodel I’m most excited about is the kitchen. No surprise there I know. I’ve been dreaming about my own kitchen for years. Our flat in London had a small but perfectly formed kitchen which was perfect for the drunken dinner parties of our twenties. The last four years we’ve been living in a rented house in California and the kitchen has been great. Not what I’d have chosen design wise but it has been a lovely place to cook in and has been the location of my cooking classes since day one.

Teaching cooking classes in peoples homes has given me a lovely chance to spy on what I’d like to copy in my kitchen (two dishwashers – yes please). So my wish list is long but well thought through. I will be teaching in my new kitchen and it will also be where I do my videos and photos so it has a lot of boxes to tick.

helping the budget

The biggest tip I have to date is to sell your old kitchen on eBay. The kitchen we took out of the house we bought was about 20 years old. Fully functioning but not our taste. I had no idea that selling kitchens on eBay was a thing. Luckily my husband knew it was and listed ours. We took a ton of photos and drew a floor plan of the layout along with detailed measurements. The man who bought it has put it in a student house he is doing up to rent, so he was thrilled. He even came to remove it for us. The only thing we had to do was pay a plumber and electrician to correctly remove and seal the appliances and give us the certificates we needed. As I’m learning, the budget for a remodel is a monster so selling what we can’t reuse is a big win. And it makes me feel happy that we’re not just filling up landfill with our old kitchen.


Like most people embarking on a project I have become obsessed with pinning ideas on Pinterest. If you are looking for kitchen inspiration follow me on there. As you’ll see I’ve been pinning for every room of the house so feel free to spy on me! I also pin all my recipes and tips on my You Say Tomato Pinterest account so head over there if you’d like idea of what to cook.

I’ll be posting the kitchen process on here but would love to know what you have learned from putting in or changing kitchens. What would you do differently? What are you thrilled that you did?

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