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In a rut with pasta sauces?

What did we do before we started eating pasta? Anyone with children or with no time to get dinner on the table knows how handy pasta is. It is what we reach for when we need comfort or when we can’t think of what else to make. But it is easy to get into a rut and keep churning out the same old pasta sauce without much thought. If pasta makes a weekly appearance in your house but you want to break out of your rut or try something new, here are lots of pasta sauce recipes to try.

meal planDitch the jars

If you have jars of pasta sauce in the cupboard, now is the time to switch over to home made sauces. You’ll cut down on processed ingredients, get more vegetables and healthy proteins and fats into your meals and above all they’ll taste so much better. Most of these pasta sauces can be made in bulk and frozen or can be made in the time the pasta takes to boil, so you’ll have them ready as quickly as opening a jar.

how to make pesto

My sauce collection – something for every occasion

As well as pesto, the easiest tomato sauce, a lentil bolognese and my recipe for pasta that cooks in the sauce, you’ll find all my pasta sauce recipes here.

You’ll also find loads more pasta recipes as well as recipes for dinners without drama over in my meal plan and recipe membership.


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