Here are the answers to the most common questions I get asked. If your question isn’t answered below, just ask here.

You Say Tomato is my cooking school. I started teaching in Silicon Valley, California in 2011. Now I’m based back in the UK and travel between California and England to teach. I also share recipes, tips and my adventures in food on my blog, videos and social media.

Everything I teach comes from the reality of cooking in a home kitchen with the rest of life being juggled around it.


All sorts! The most important thing to know is that I teach food you will make again and again. All my recipes are things I feed my family and friends. Everything I teach is based on the principle of cooking with whole, natural ingredients, organic where possible.

I teach everything from Thai food, Californian inspired menus to British classics. There are cocktails, healthy mid-week dinners and menus for stress free entertaining. Take a look at my class menus to get a sense of the range of dishes you can learn with me.

Because I’ve had so many lovely students through my kitchen, I’ve gained real insight into how real, busy people eat and cook. I see how people react and what their misconceptions, fears and stresses are. All those insights, along with a healthy dollop of humour, help me create and share recipes that my students make regularly and with total confidence.

When you learn with me you’ll have fun and take away tips that you’ll use for years to come.

You can learn with me in one of these ways:

1. Join a scheduled class. Come along to my kitchen – in Wilmslow, Cheshire. You’ll be joined by around 8 other students. I’ll make all the dishes from the advertised menu right in front of you, talking you through every stage of the recipe. You’ll sit around my island, chat, drink wine and eat everything I make. You’ll take home a packed recipe handout, a full tummy and a ton of tips and ideas. My schedule for these classes is here.

2. Host a private group class in your home kitchen. In England or California. You pick the menu you’d like to learn, I bring all my equipment, handouts and ingredients to cook it all in front you and your friends. You’ll sit around me, drink wine and eat everything I make. You’ll have time to chat to your friends and will all take home tons of tips to replicate the dishes at home.

3. Host a private group class in my kitchen. You pick the menu you’d like to learn and then bring your friends to my kitchen – in Wilmslow, Cheshire. You’ll sit around my island, drink wine and eat everything I make in front of you. You’ll have chance to chat to your friends and ask me questions. You’ll take home a packed recipe handout, a full tummy and a ton of tips and ideas.

Please send me a message and we can start chatting.

I no longer live in California so most of my teaching is done in Cheshire in the UK where I now live. However, I return twice a year to teach in the Los Gatos area for a week at a time. My next California tour is planned for October 2019. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get the dates as soon as I release them.

You’ll be able to book me to come and teach in your kitchen while I’m in California. My schedule will be released in my newsletter and will be shown here. I expect these classes to book up fast given the limited availability so send me a message if you are interested!

I am based in Wilmslow, Cheshire where I teach throughout the year in my home kitchen. I am available to teach in your home kitchen in the Manchester and Cheshire area. I am happy to teach in London and other areas upon request. Please send me a message and we can chat more.

I have a foot in both camps so I try and use English spellings when I’m in England and American spellings and cooking terms when I’m stateside. Let me know if you need help translating any of my Engli-fornian spellings or words!

Yes! I have a peanut allergy so I get it. I can work with you to make any suitable substitutions to the menus and dishes I offer. Just inform me of any allergies/dietary needs when you book so that I can flag any tastings you need to avoid or make the necessary changes so you can enjoy the dish with the rest of your classmates. Many of my menus are naturally gluten and dairy free. All my menus are peanut free.

Just book through my site and pay through the Paypal link to secure your spot in class. If you don’t use Paypal please contact me to arrange an alternative method of payment. If you are booking a private group class you are responsible for paying me for the whole group and will need to ask your friends to pay you their share – this enables me to give you a reduced price as it cuts my admin time.

If you can’t make class, you may transfer your spot to a friend. Or if you give me 10 days notice, I can transfer your booking to another time. I hope you understand that as a small business I cannot offer a refund if you are unable to attend and I cannot fill your place.

Once you’ve booked your class I’ll send an invite to all your friends (just send me their emails). I’ll tell them how much they owe you, what time to arrive and what to expect. I’ll also email you to tell you what plates and glasses you’ll need to get out. I bring all my cooking equipment and ingredients but you will need to supply glasses, plates and cutlery [silverware] for your guests.

On the day of class I will show up about 30 minutes before class starts, you can head off to get glammed up and leave me to set up.  I will bring everything I need to cook with as well as my cleaning materials so I won’t leave a trace (other than memories of a fun night and full tummies all round).  I will leave as soon as cleanup is complete and you can carry on with your party. Please have a shelf in the fridge clear and have counter tops as clear as possible. I will need to use your stove/hob and oven.

There’s no need for you to supply any additional food but you may want to ask your friends to bring wine or have some extra wine on hand for them if you want to make the night more of a party.

I will cook while you and your guests sit or stand around the island/counter and you’ll eat each course while I cook the next. The class is jam packed with info, tips and techniques but don’t worry there is still time to chat with your guests and ask questions.

I will cover everything in class in 3 hours.

Yes. My Wilmslow kitchen was designed to make it perfect for teaching. Once you’ve booked your class I’ll send an invite to all your friends (just send me their emails). I’ll tell them how much they owe you, what time to arrive and what to expect.

Yes. You can buy certificates for someone to use towards a private class or one of my upcoming classes. You can buy them here.

If you have have a special request for a certain date or time just send me a message.

Just yourself and wine if you would like to make the night more of a party! I will supply all necessary handouts and a pencil for you to jot down notes.

I can host up to 12 people in my kitchen. I can teach as many people as your kitchen or event space can accommodate. When you book please email a picture of your kitchen/event space so that I can plan where I will be teaching. For large groups, I may suggest splitting the group in two and having one group learning while the other group chats and drinks in another area to make sure that everyone gets the most out of the experience.

I’m afraid I don’t have any children’s classes. I cook in schools on a charitable basis to make sure I can help more children learn about food and have no plans to teach children privately at this time.


I am happy to create a cooking event for any team building or customer reward needs you have. I also work with food and equipment suppliers to develop recipes and content to showcase their products. Please send me a message to discuss your needs.