Kitchen design and organization

kitchen remodel – the finishing touches

I’ve written before about the whole kitchen remodel process I went through. I love how many of you have got in touch with your kitchen plans and how many of...

finishing touches
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The tools that will make you a better cook – my 5 most useful kitchen tools

When the lovely Katie filmed me recently, she asked for my 5 most useful kitchen tools. This is how I replied. These are the items I use at least once...

5 most useful kitchen tools
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Gift ideas (or hint list) for cooks

If you are a cook and want to drop some hints. Or if you know a cook and are looking for gift ideas then look no further. I’ve packaged up...

cooking classes in Cheshire
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a cook’s guide to designing a kitchen

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that we moved back home to England after four and half years of living in a rented house in California....

a cook's guide to designing a kitchen
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A gift guide for cooks

If you are looking for ideas of what to buy for the cooks you love (or if you want to drop some hints), look no further. I’ve packaged up some...

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My essential kitchen kit list

Anyone who has been in one of my classes will have heard me tell why I’m a tough customer when it comes to gadgets. So I decided to write my...

essential kitchen kit
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My store cupboard essentials

So many people ask me what I keep in my cupboard, so it is time I share my list. A well stocked store cupboard (and fridge and freezer) is the...

kitchen cupboard
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How to plan to cook

Planning what we’ll eat each week is the only way I manage to cook from scratch, stay healthy, avoid waste and save money. I love to cook but I don’t...

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Kitchen design inspiration

As I write this I’m just starting a whole house remodel. Words that I know bring a feeling of dread to many people but, perhaps naively, I’m so excited about....

kitchen design
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How to organize and choose kitchen equipment

How I decide if something is worth buying Having lived in a flat in London prior to moving to America 4 years ago, my kitchen had always been pretty teeny....

10 easy ways to make your cooking taste amazing
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30 minute kitchen cupboard sort out

It is January so as good a time as any to spend 30 minutes emptying your kitchen cupboard and sorting it out. You’ll be rewarded with a smug sense of...

kitchen cupboard
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The easiest way to label your prepped or frozen food

This is such a ‘duh’ idea but, I admit, I came to it only recently.  I am a pretty obsessive cooking in bulk person.  I get the jitters if my...

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The books that inspire me to cook – part one

People are always asking me which books are my favourites so I’ve finally had chance to write them down. Below are my all-time most loved and most used cookbooks. These...

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