Read my tips for getting real food on the table without drama. Learn how to organise and stock your kitchen, where I like to eat out and how to max out the flavour in what you cook without spending long in the kitchen.

Gift ideas (or hint list) for cooks

If you are a cook and want to drop some hints. Or if you know a cook and are looking for gift ideas then look no further. I’ve packaged up...

cooking classes in Cheshire
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Halloween and Bonfire Night recipe ideas

Those of us who would describe ourselves as ‘indoorsy’ come into our own at this time of year. I love summer but I am an autumn person at heart. Give...

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Lovely leftovers – safe storing and delicious re-using

I love leftovers as much as the main Christmas dinner. I think many of us enjoy the Boxing day re-hash of Christmas dinner more than the first time its served...

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Spring 2016 California cooking class tour

I’m just back from a brilliant week, teaching cooking classes in rainy California. Yep you read that right – rainy! California has needed this rain so badly after the drought...

monte sereno cooking class
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lunch at The Bywater, Los Gatos, California

I had a gorgeous lunch at The Bywater on my recent trip back to California. On this last trip, I had my list of who to see, who to teach...

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A gift guide for cooks

If you are looking for ideas of what to buy for the cooks you love (or if you want to drop some hints), look no further. I’ve packaged up some...

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California cooking class tour Autumn 2015

When we moved from California back home to England in June, I was sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful place – our home for four and a half...

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You Say Tomato expands to England!

I’m now back in England to start You Say Tomato Europe! After four and a half years of living in California and starting my business in the kitchens of Silicon...

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A farewell farmers market dinner in our yard

We had fifteen friends over for a farewell dinner last weekend. We only have a couple of weeks left in this house and I wanted to throw an outdoor dinner...

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All I know about grilling and cooking on the bbq

First off – In England we call the grill a bbq. So excuse the interchangeable terminology that follows – just know I’m talking about that thing you cook on outside...

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Happy place – Borough market in London

Borough market is a must-see (or must-taste) for anyone visiting London. I’ve been going for years but I still get excited when I step off the tube, cross over into...

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Wax on, wax off and the joy of zest

As a Brit I still cannot get over the thrill of being able to wander outside and pick a lemon, orange of grapefruit off a tree in my California garden....

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My store cupboard essentials

So many people ask me what I keep in my cupboard, so it is time I share my list. A well stocked store cupboard (and fridge and freezer) is the...

kitchen cupboard
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How to plan to cook

Planning what we’ll eat each week is the only way I manage to cook from scratch, stay healthy, avoid waste and save money. I love to cook but I don’t...

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A better way to serve bread and butter

I love really good bread and salty butter. If you aren’t in the locale of a fancy butter maker, and Stateside it is tricky to get the good European-style stuff...

bread and butter
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food waste – 5 easy ways to stop throwing food and money away

Food waste is a big issue – not only on an environmental scale but on our personal finances. Below I share my tips for how to reduce food waste and...

food waste
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What to serve at parties without stressing out

I know that what to serve at parties is a hot topic so I wanted to share the list I had pulled together of recipes I’d like to eat. Always...

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Kitchen design inspiration

As I write this I’m just starting a whole house remodel. Words that I know bring a feeling of dread to many people but, perhaps naively, I’m so excited about....

kitchen design
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