Read my tips for getting real food on the table without drama. Learn how to organise and stock your kitchen, where I like to eat out and how to max out the flavour in what you cook without spending long in the kitchen.

a trip to Provence with Mirabeau wine

A weather worn basket stuffed with olives, cheese, sun-warmed tomatoes, a bottle of cold wine and a baguette is the stuff of holiday dreams. Every year hoards of us rush...

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What I’m eating, reading and doing this month – March 2019

March is here and Spring is in the air so I’m trying something new this month. Food is always central to what I do but I thought you might like...

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cooking with kids without losing it

I learned to cook because my mum wanted to keep me entertained so she gave me jobs to do in the kitchen from being tiny. That time we spent together...

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sauces to make even the simplest meal taste amazing

If your time to cook is limited, get into the habit of making a few of these easy sauces over the next few weeks. Keep them in the fridge and...

sauces for summer
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breadcrumbs – how to make, store and use

Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I hate wasting food. From planning what we eat to shopping and storing well, to using leftovers and...

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How To Eat – 20 years on

There is much talk this week of the 20th birthday of a very special book. It has been a delight to read some of my favourite writers (of whom Bee...

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kitchen remodel – the finishing touches

I’ve written before about the whole kitchen remodel process I went through. I love how many of you have got in touch with your kitchen plans and how many of...

finishing touches
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throw in the oven meals

These recipes are some of my favourite throw in the oven and leave them meals. Some of them take a little while to prepare but once in the pan, can...

throw in the oven
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ideas for packed lunches and dinners on the go

Does anyone enjoy making packed lunches? Apart from the creators of some of the amazingly beautiful Japanese bento boxes that crop up on social media, I think most of us...

packed lunches
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how to embrace your freezer and enjoy chilled mealtimes

I feel a bit twitchy if my freezer isn’t stocked with things I can easily turn into a quick meal. The secret is not just knowing what and how to...

embrace your freezer
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5 easy dinners in 15 minutes

School starts again for us next week so I’ll back back into flying around with bags full of dirty football and wet swimming kits and starving children to feed once...

15 minutes
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why I’ll be drinking rosé this winter

Have you packed your rosé away along with your flip flops? Well get it out because it is perfect to drink with food at this time of year. Aside from...

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Recipes, time plans and tips for all your Christmas cooking

If you’ve not been able to make it to my recent Christmas cooking classes, you can now buy my stress-free Christmas cooking guide with all the the detailed class handouts...

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Northern Blog Awards – I need your vote!

This year I decided to get a bit braver, to start ignoring the inner voice that tells me to wait until things are perfect before sharing them. One of the...

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what’s in season now – October

I always try to eat in season. It is not only better for the environment, but it is also cheaper and in-season produce tastes so much better. A strawberry in...

in season in October
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stress free summer entertaining

I read this really interesting article in The Guardian yesterday about how eating alone is one of the biggest factors for unhappiness. Lack of time and confidence can make it...

stress free summer entertaining
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Royal Wedding party menu – the best of California and Britain

The first time my mother in law witnessed my love of an over ambitiously themed Royal Wedding party still makes me shudder. Her first visit to us in California coincided...

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where to stay, eat and visit in Barcelona

We’re just back from five fab days in Barcelona with our boys. Traveling with young children can be both amazing and stressful. My two (aged 6 and 8 as I...

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