About Me

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Hi, I’m Gemma

My classes and recipes can help you cook from scratch, enjoy the process, try new things, grow in confidence and love the results.

I run my own business teaching cooking classes and sharing delicious food in my events and parties in Cheshire, where I now live, and in California, where I lived for 5 years until recently.

Unlike many chef-led cooking schools, my classes and recipes come from the reality of cooking in a home kitchen with small children underfoot and the rest of life being juggled around it. Over the years of teaching people to cook, I’ve developed a range of recipes and tricks that work for hectic mid-week dinners as well as for more relaxed weekend eating with friends.

The recipes I share look and taste amazing, but they rarely take more than 30 minutes of hands-on work. Because I know that’s about as long as many of us can manage. I’m a big believer in the power of menu planning and also the importance of one family, one meal – not only as a way of cutting stress but also as a way of saving money and avoiding food waste.

Everything I teach is based on the principle of cooking with whole, natural ingredients, organic where possible. In my classes, I see how people react and what their cooking misconceptions, fears and stresses are. All those insights, along with a healthy dollop of humor, help me create and share recipes that my students make regularly and with total confidence.

I promise that if I give you a recipe that it will work; it will be delicious and you’ll make it again and again. Any equipment I recommend will be something you will enjoy using and not something that clutters your kitchen.

My classes are filled with tips, tasters, ‘aha’ moments, stories and laughter. Read what my students have said about what I do here. You can book a UK class and find my current UK schedule here. My US schedule is here.

I also share my adventures, tried and tested recipes, tips and videos on my website and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. I hope to cook with you very soon!

In September 2018, I won Food Blogger of the Year at the Northern Blog Awards. Thank you to everyone who voted for me and supported me in this.

Love Gemma xxx