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risella aka tuna risotto

I’ve eaten a version of this since I was little and cook it all the time for my boys. It makes no claims to authenticity but it is delicious and easy and that is enough for me. My Dad first made it in the 1980s on a single burner when we were camping in Spain


tuna polpette with fresh tomato and pepper sauce

Doing this job, I’ve found that a lot of people are a bit funny about canned tuna. In fact there are all sorts of foods that people have issues with, usually because of the way they tried something as a child. I love it when I get someone to love something they’d avoided since childhood,


tuna avocado poke bowl

When I shared the picture of the tuna avocado poke bowl I made for lunch last week everyone went a bit mad. So rather than leave the recipe to disappear on social media I wanted to keep it here so you can come back to it. When you work from home, as I now do, Friday

Kale, roast butternut squash and tuna salad

kale, roast butternut squash and tuna salad

This kale, roast butternut squash and tuna salad isn’t as detailed as my usual recipes. But then sometimes life means that there is no time to follow a recipe and you just have to scrabble something together is super-quick time with what you have. This kind of cooking is what I do most of the

sesame wasabi crusted tuna

sesame wasabi crusted tuna with kale rice and a cucumber ginger salad

This sesame wasabi crusted tuna is a really nice way of making a dinner that feels that elusive combination of healthy and fancy at the same time. Last month I was hankering for something crunchy and fried. I’ll be honest, I was craving something like fried chicken but my head wasn’t allowing my belly to decide


cousotto – the speediest of speedy dinners

Parents of small children lean in now. Purists please look away. This cousotto is the perfect recipe when you get in late and need to get food into mouths fast without resorting to packets. I’ve made various versions of this since my boys were teeny. They and I still love it. We call it ‘cous-otto’

smoked salmon fishcakes

smoked salmon fishcakes with pea tartar dip

These easy little smoked salmon fishcakes can be made ahead. I love them to soak up drinks at parties, or to serve a quick hit of omega 3s to my kids for dinner (tip – don’t tell your kids they’re having ‘cakes for dinner’ as they may be disappointed). They’re great on top of a

baked stuffed potatoes

baked stuffed potatoes

This baked stuffed potatoes is a very simple recipe but is a great, fast dinner. Especially if you plan ahead to have leftover baked potatoes in the fridge. My mum makes these for my boys whenever we arrive back at her house having flown in from California. She makes them a bowl of her lentil

egg and kale-slaw

21 day re-nourish plan – week 2 menu and recipes

So how are you doing?  One week in to the three-week plan and I can really feel the benefit of all the nourishing foods I’ve cooked with. And I’ve really felt the difference by not having any sugar, gluten or dairy. I have been sleeping better, I’m less puffy, my skin is better and I

21 day

21 days of nourishing, healthy, clean food – a plan and some recipes

If like me you are starting the month feeling not quite as healthy or balanced as you’d like, join me in a 21 day re-nourish and re-balance plan.  Join in and get up to the minute motivation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and you’ll be able to share tips and keep motivated to eat better