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fish stew

Italian fish stew – a one pan mid-week treat

First up, this is not a fish stew with all sorts of shellfish, tenticles and gubbins in it. I do love those French stews, but they are a lengthy, expensive process and more likely to turn off the squeamish amongst you. This is definitely in mid-week dinner territory, although I’d be pretty delighted to have

veggie stew

end of the week veggie stew

The week before I fly home to England from California I always go into an extra crazy vegetable eating and juicing mission and this veggie stew is perfect. It is my attempt to pack in as many vitamins and antioxidants so we are ready to fight off any bugs flying around inside of the plane. 

chorizo and chickpea stew

Chorizo and chickpea three ingredient stew

Sometimes I forget to post some of the easiest things I throw together and this chorizo and chickpea stew is one. I make them so often that it doesn’t occur to me that other people don’t make them too. Or I talk myself out of posting them because they are so simple I wonder if

apple snow

apple snow with blackberry ripple

Faced with piles of blackberries from a recent walk and a bag of Bramley cooking apples from my Mum’s tree, I felt myself lean towards my default blackberry and apple crumble. But then I remembered the cloud-eating joy of apple snow and wondered if it was still as good as I remembered. It was. Better

Lemony mushroom ragu on oozy polenta with kale pesto

Lemony mushroom ragu on oozy polenta with kale pesto

This Lemony mushroom ragu on oozy polenta with kale pesto is a 20 minute dinner in a bowl that oozes Italian deliciousness and will win over even the most avid meat eater. The polenta is comforting, the mushrooms are meaty and umami rich. The pesto adds freshness and helps get some healthy greens into even the


harissa and lemon chickpea soup

My love a good soup is well documented on these pages. This harissa and lemon chickpea soup is a quick to make recipe that uses things you will probably have in your store cupboard. It is a great lesson in flavour balancing and the subtle Middle Eastern flavours taste like nothing you’d be able to


fragrant sweet potato and black bean chilli

Accidentally vegan sweet potato and black bean chilli recipe This sweet potato and black bean chilli what I reach to when I feel we need to re-set our eating a bit. It is easy to make, comforting to eat and works for my whole family. It is even better the day after you make it

homemade dukkah

homemade dukkah – the easy way to add fragrant crunch to your meals

When you’re looking for your food to be balanced and interesting to eat, you need to add different textures and flavours. I talk more about the principle of flavour and texture balancing here.  One of my favourite ways to add crunch is to add some toasted nuts or seeds to my meals. Homemade dukkah is


stock or broth – the easy way to make your own liquid gold

If you make soups, stews, risotto or pho, homemade stock is a game changer. It is so simple to make from things you would usually throw away. Once you get into the habit of making your own you’ll never look back. Your food will taste better, you’ll save money, and your health will benefit. Homemade

21 day

21 days of nourishing, healthy, clean food – a plan and some recipes

If like me you are starting the month feeling not quite as healthy or balanced as you’d like, join me in a 21 day re-nourish and re-balance plan.  Join in and get up to the minute motivation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and you’ll be able to share tips and keep motivated to eat better

thanksgiving in the cabin

A Brit’s take on Thanksgiving

You may be wondering what right an English girl has to be talking about that most sacred of American holidays, Thanksgiving. Before moving to America I had little clue about what went on at Thanksgiving. My only references were the odd episodes of Friends – what had stuck in my mind was the marshmallow topped sweet