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one pan fragrant roast chicken

One pan fragrant roast chicken with crunchy chickpeas and vegetables

My students love a good one pan, throw it in the oven dinner so I think you’ll love this. I just got back from teaching a week of classes in California and I’ve already had loads of pictures of this one pan fragrant roast chicken dish from my students after they’ve recreated it at home.

roast chicken and garlic sticky brown rice

roast chicken and garlic sticky brown rice with greens

This roast chicken and garlic sticky brown rice was the first dinner I made after being away in England for 3 weeks. I love staying with people and being cooked for and eating out but I really miss cooking in my own kitchen. And, I admit, I miss being selfish and making what I want

Roast carrot salad

roast carrot salad with goats cheese, salsa verde and honey

I’ve been teaching this salad in classes for a while and it always gets amazing feedback. It is perfect for a light lunch or as a side dish to roast chicken.

fennel and lemon freekeh

fennel and lemon freekeh

I’m a bit in love with this fennel and lemon freekeh recipe and I think you’ll love it too. Whenever I think about this recipe I have the sound of Missy Elliot – Get Your Freak On playing in my mind, except I change freak to freekeh. So now it is in yours too. Sorry

beetroot cannellini dip

beetroot, cannellini, basil and sherry vinegar dip

I made a quick batch of this beetroot cannellini dip as part of a nibbly platter for my students last week. I’d been jonesing for these flavours since I had the Marks and Spencer version of this beetroot and bean dip at Christmas. Not only is this dip fabulously purple, it tastes amazing, can be

roast cauliflower chickpea salad

roast cauliflower, chickpea, Dijon and parsley salad

This roast cauliflower chickpea salad recipe perfectly illustrates the importance of balance in flavour and texture and will teach you new techniques for making vegetables the star of the show. Why roasting cauliflower is a game changer Roasted cauliflower is such a handy addition to meals. It has just the right amount of stodge to

21 day

Thai turkey or chicken salad with puffed wild rice

Almost as much time is devoted to dealing with leftover turkey as is spent talking about how to cook the blummin’ thing in the first place. To be honest, I love a good sandwich (toasted sourdough, Dijon, stuffing, crispy bacon, Maldon and cranberry sauce please). But what I often crave amidst the party food of


three-way pea salad with feta and lemon

I posted this pea salad with feta and lemon on Instagram and Facebook a few weeks ago and everyone went crazy for it. So I wanted to immortalise it here, given that we all get memory like goldfish on social media. This recipe is a great one for packed lunches as it hangs around well.

homemade dukkah

homemade dukkah – the easy way to add fragrant crunch to your meals

When you’re looking for your food to be balanced and interesting to eat, you need to add different textures and flavours. I talk more about the principle of flavour and texture balancing here.  One of my favourite ways to add crunch is to add some toasted nuts or seeds to my meals. Homemade dukkah is


An easy prep ahead roast dinner for friends

I had friends coming over for dinner and knew I had very little time between getting children to bed and them arriving. I knew I’d barely have time to throw on my earrings and lippy so I chose to make things I could prep ahead of time and finish off while my friends chatted to