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pulled pork tacos

Pulled pork tacos

This pulled pork tacos recipe is one of the reasons I fell in love with tacos. It came about, as many of my recipes do, when I wanted to use up leftovers. in this case pulled pork and roasted carrots. About as un-Mexican as you can get but the flavours and textures work beautifully. You


how to work without a recipe and find inspiration – slow roasted pork with kale pesto, roast butternut squash and greens

Lots of my students ask me how to move beyond cooking with a recipe, to the point where you can come up with your own combinations of ingredients and techniques to create a dish. As I was cooking tonight, I realised that what I was making was a perfect illustration of how I do this.


pulled pork crostini topped with fennel and lemon salad

I always try to come up with new toppings for my party standard of crostini. My inspiration usually comes from food combinations I enjoy for dinner. In this case the inspiration came from my fallback entertaining option of 4 hour roasted pork shoulder, crusted in fennel seeds which I serve with a citrus fennel salad.


tacos and how to make taco night delicious

Until I moved to California from England, my experience of tacos was very limited and I’d never heard of taco night. Like most Brits, I had memories of those dusty boxes of crunchy Old El Paso tacos, stuffed with minced beef and topped with loads of cheddar cheese. Not good. My first taste of a proper taco in

lime and salt-dressed cabbage

Shredded lime and salt-dressed cabbage

This shredded lime and salt-dressed cabbage is a perfect taco night addition.  It is so simple to make and really packs a punch. It works perfectly in tacos with pulled pork with roasted carrots, crumbled feta and avocado or steak (pan-fried until rare then rested for a few minutes before slicing finely) with roasted or

noodle bowls

noodle bowls two ways – the perfect healthy, fast food

Knowing the secrets to building good noodle bowls will always get you out of a ‘I’m starving, what’s for dinner’ situation. The bowls can be prepped and finished off when people need to eat – perfect for houses where there are early and later eaters to cater for. I tend not to follow a recipe

Saltimbocca alla Romana

Saltimbocca alla Romana

This classic Italian dish Saltimbocca alla Romana translates as ‘jump in the mouth’. When you learn how to make a dish like this and master the accompanying pan sauce you will replicate it time and time again. This classic Roman dish is quick (it takes around 20 minutes in total) but is so impressive. Traditionally it

cookalong Thai basil stir fry

15 minute Thai basil stir fry

This recipe for a 15 minute Thai basil stir fry is one I’ve taught in my classes for a few years and it never fails to get people excited. In fact, I love this recipe so much I’ve made a video of me making it, showing you all the tips and tricks so you can cook

sausage butternut squash and sage bake with apple lemon salsa

One-pan sausage, butternut squash and sage bake with apple salad

When people ask me what my go-to mid-week meals are, I invariably mention my love of a sausage tray bake. Cooking in this way is hands-off and delicious. Spend the time and money on good sausages (made from happily raised animals please) and a lot of the flavor work is done for you. Below you’ll

shepherds pie

The best shepherds pie

Shepherds pie is my ultimate comfort food, my children adore it and it is a brilliant make-ahead meal when you have people coming over for dinner. It pains me to see how many awful shepherds pie recipe are out there so let me show you how to start making it properly. Every family has their


two meals in one – meatballs

People in my classes are always asking for ideas of things to make for the freezer – things they can quickly grab out for dinner without cooking from scratch. This is one of my most popular recipes and is a new look at an old staple – meatballs. Adding fresh, citrus flavors and chilli heat

party food

ideas for Christmas and holiday party food

I know that what to serve at parties is a hot topic right now so I wanted to share the list I had pulled together of recipes I’d like to eat. Always a good place to start I think. You can also come along to one of my cocktail and appetizer classes if you’d like


banh-mi inspired turkey burger

I was playing around with turkey burger recipes for a client and used the flavours of banh-mi in some simple burgers. She and her children went mad for them so I thought you’d like them too. When I’m trying to eat more healthily I often look to Thailand and Vietnam for inspiration. One of my