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spiced nuts

spiced nuts – perfect party snackage

When a bar serves freshly roasted spiced nuts along with my cocktail I am in heaven. But more often than not, my cocktail drinking now happens at home with friends. This recipe is inspired the bar snacks I once had at The Union Square Café in New York, it is such an easy recipe to

roasted cauliflower salad

roasted cauliflower salad two ways

I love the bulk that roasted cauliflower adds to a meal. Most children and adult cauli-phobes find that they enjoy cauliflower and broccoli (its greener cousin) when it is roasted rather than steamed or boiled. That’s because roasting vegetables intensifies their natural sweetness by forcing the moisture out. These two salads are hearty enough as


Slaw the easiest way to max out your veg intake and brighten your meals

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to add a slaw recipe to my site. Although I did make this video a couple of years back. It is probably the side dish I reach for most, and often becomes the base of my lunch or dinner. I think the reason I’ve never added


flapjacks – the perfect treat for busy bees

In a world full of Instagramable baking (don’t get me started on unicorn cronuts), old school flapjacks can get a bit left behind. They have been knocked out of the way by granola bars and the recipes have been the subject of a lot of fiddling, ingredients wise, these last few years. There are so


tuna polpette with fresh tomato and pepper sauce

Doing this job, I’ve found that a lot of people are a bit funny about canned tuna. In fact there are all sorts of foods that people have issues with, usually because of the way they tried something as a child. I love it when I get someone to love something they’d avoided since childhood,

romesco sauce

romesco toast with goats cheese

Romesco sauce is so versatile and a jar will last in the fridge for a week or two. I love having it on hand to add to pasta, spoon over fish or chicken, spread on toast or dip raw veg or bread sticks into. It is swoon-worthy with poached eggs and avocado on toast for


my favourite stuffing

I grew up, like most of us did, with stuffing out of a box. I do still have a nostalgic taste for that stuff, but once I tried making my own stuffing I found it hard to go back. Because the stuff in a box is so common, I always thought that making stuffing must

gem's gorgeous granola

gem’s gorgeous granola

When you learn how easy it is to whip up a batch of this gem’s gorgeous granola you’ll be a convert. This version is much lower in sugar and oil than many store bought varieties and is full of nutritious ingredients. It is also about a quarter of the price of shop-bought granola. And everyone

pea pesto crostini

pea pesto crostini

This pea pesto crostini recipe is dear to my heart as it was taught in my first ever You say Tomato class. Since then it has become a regular in my students’ houses. They love it like I do because it is colourful, healthy, child and budget friendly. Most importantly, because it is mainly make-ahead

how to make pesto

pesto the most delicious, child-friendly way to eat greens

Wondering how to eat more greens? How to get children to enjoy eating vegetables? When I feel we need some more greenery in our diet I reach for pesto. But not the stuff in a jar. I want a hit of fresh, punchy, healthy greens and I’m afraid you won’t get that from the bought

homemade salad dressings

all the homemade salad dressings you need

I hope by now you have ditched any store bought dressings that are lurking in your fridge. If not read this then please go and do it pronto. Your taste buds, wallet and health will thank you. Below are my five top homemade salad dressings, once you have them in your recipe bank you won’t

10 easy ways to make your cooking taste amazing

the new salad rules

If you want to step up your salad making read on as I’ve pulled together my top salad rules. Think of them as building blocks – when you’re making a salad check that you have the right elements to make it a perfectly rounded and balanced dish. Before long this will become instinctive. Until then,

homemade dukkah

homemade dukkah – the easy way to add fragrant crunch to your meals

When you’re looking for your food to be balanced and interesting to eat, you need to add different textures and flavours. I talk more about the principle of flavour and texture balancing here.  One of my favourite ways to add crunch is to add some toasted nuts or seeds to my meals. Homemade dukkah is

buckwheat porridge

buckwheat porridge with dates, almonds and apple

Our house practically runs on oats. Sometimes I feel like the cashier at our local Whole Foods must think I have a pet horse for all the oats I buy from the bulk bins. I usually cook a batch of oats with water and flax seeds twice a week so that we can just grab

dairy free chocolate cookies

a gluten and dairy-free chocolate cookie you can eat for breakfast

In a world of no consequences I would eat a chocolate chip cookie every day. But boringly, as I keep telling my boys, there are consequences. So I try and bring some balance and find new ways to get my and their chocolate hit. These dairy free chocolate cookies hit the spot every time. I

veggie stew

end of the week veggie stew

The week before I fly home to England from California I always go into an extra crazy vegetable eating and juicing mission and this veggie stew is perfect. It is my attempt to pack in as many vitamins and antioxidants so we are ready to fight off any bugs flying around inside of the plane. 


how to work without a recipe and find inspiration – slow roasted pork with kale pesto, roast butternut squash and greens

Lots of my students ask me how to move beyond cooking with a recipe, to the point where you can come up with your own combinations of ingredients and techniques to create a dish. As I was cooking tonight, I realised that what I was making was a perfect illustration of how I do this.

thanksgiving in the cabin

A Brit’s take on Thanksgiving

You may be wondering what right an English girl has to be talking about that most sacred of American holidays, Thanksgiving. Before moving to America I had little clue about what went on at Thanksgiving. My only references were the odd episodes of Friends – what had stuck in my mind was the marshmallow topped sweet