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tacos and how to make taco night delicious

Until I moved to California from England, my experience of tacos was very limited and I’d never heard of taco night. Like most Brits, I had memories of those dusty boxes of crunchy Old El Paso tacos, stuffed with minced beef and topped with loads of cheddar cheese. Not good. My first taste of a proper taco in


Middle Eastern chicken with green tahini sauce and lemon roast potatoes.

In my twenties I could often be found on the Edgeware Road in London late at night, scoffing Middle Eastern food. The combination of char-grilled chicken, citrusy herbs, chilli, and sesame sauce remains one of the flavour combinations I most lust-after. This Middle Eastern chicken is a great summer recipe as it is delicious fresh

banana bread

banana bread – perfect to freeze for lunchboxes

When I posted a picture of this banana bread on social media this weekend I received a bonkers amount of comments. Loads of you sent me recipes for your favourite banana bread recipes. It seems I’m not the only one who is on a quest to find The One when it comes to banana bread.


my favourite stuffing

I grew up, like most of us did, with stuffing out of a box. I do still have a nostalgic taste for that stuff, but once I tried making my own stuffing I found it hard to go back. Because the stuff in a box is so common, I always thought that making stuffing must

roast cauliflower chickpea salad

roast cauliflower, chickpea, Dijon and parsley salad

This roast cauliflower chickpea salad recipe perfectly illustrates the importance of balance in flavour and texture and will teach you new techniques for making vegetables the star of the show. Why roasting cauliflower is a game changer Roasted cauliflower is such a handy addition to meals. It has just the right amount of stodge to

21 day

Thai turkey or chicken salad with puffed wild rice

Almost as much time is devoted to dealing with leftover turkey as is spent talking about how to cook the blummin’ thing in the first place. To be honest, I love a good sandwich (toasted sourdough, Dijon, stuffing, crispy bacon, Maldon and cranberry sauce please). But what I often crave amidst the party food of

shepherds pie

The best shepherds pie

Shepherds pie is my ultimate comfort food, my children adore it and it is a brilliant make-ahead meal when you have people coming over for dinner. It pains me to see how many awful shepherds pie recipe are out there so let me show you how to start making it properly. Every family has their

guacamole with bacon and seeds

the best guacamole with bacon and seeds

If you thought guacamole couldn’t get any better, have a go at this guacamole with bacon and seeds recipe. I made this last week and my son had eaten almost half of it before I made it to the table with the rest of that night’s dinner. While he may be lacking in restraint, he

baked stuffed potatoes

baked stuffed potatoes

This baked stuffed potatoes is a very simple recipe but is a great, fast dinner. Especially if you plan ahead to have leftover baked potatoes in the fridge. My mum makes these for my boys whenever we arrive back at her house having flown in from California. She makes them a bowl of her lentil

corn and kale salad

grilled corn and kale salad with warm chili, rosemary, lemon and garlic dressing

If you have the bbq or grill going you may as well cook some sides at the same time. This grilled corn and kale salad recipe makes the most of the abundance of fresh corn when it is in season. The sweetness of the corn balances out the kale and the fact the kale is

pancetta polenta and avocado breakfast

pancetta, polenta and avocado breakfast

Italian vibes this morning with this pancetta polenta and avocado breakfast. This looks fancy but it took me 10 minutes and was wolfed down by my boys. I taught wet polenta in class last night (recipe below) and had some left over. So I poured it onto a plate before I went to bed and


marinades and kebabs (or kabobs!)

Kebabs (or kabobs if you are in America) are a great thing to make for a bbq (or grill in the US). They make a small amount of meat go a long way and often cook much faster than a big slab of meat. You also get a better ratio of crunchy outside to soft


stock or broth – the easy way to make your own liquid gold

If you make soups, stews, risotto or pho, homemade stock is a game changer. It is so simple to make from things you would usually throw away. Once you get into the habit of making your own you’ll never look back. Your food will taste better, you’ll save money, and your health will benefit. Homemade

buckwheat tacos

buckwheat tacos with grilled salmon, bacon, avocado, greens and a bunch of other good stuff

Last Friday I decided to escape my computer and treat myself to lunch at Zona Rosa, a new healthy Mexican place in town where I had a taco so delicious that I couldn’t wait to replicate at home. I am a little new to Mexican food. Until I moved to California from England four years

thanksgiving in the cabin

A Brit’s take on Thanksgiving

You may be wondering what right an English girl has to be talking about that most sacred of American holidays, Thanksgiving. Before moving to America I had little clue about what went on at Thanksgiving. My only references were the odd episodes of Friends – what had stuck in my mind was the marshmallow topped sweet

one ingredient ice cream

one ingredient ice cream, a healthy treat and entertainment in one

I am not the first person to fall off my chair at learning that ice cream can be made in seconds with one ingredient. Blogs galore share this fact. But if you have either read and discarded this recipe before or have no idea what I’m on about, prepare yourself for a revelation. We now


An easy prep ahead roast dinner for friends

I had friends coming over for dinner and knew I had very little time between getting children to bed and them arriving. I knew I’d barely have time to throw on my earrings and lippy so I chose to make things I could prep ahead of time and finish off while my friends chatted to

egg and kale-slaw

an easy, healthy lunch – egg and kale-slaw

A week of cooking inspired by what I’ve seen on Pinterest starts today. When I was planning this week’s menu I decided to only cook things I’ve pinned. Lunch today is a really easy but unusual egg and kale-slaw which will stay in the fridge and give me a high veggie, high protein lunch for