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cabbage salad with dried figs and toasted seeds

I love this salad with tagine and a pile of steamed cous cous, or with roast chicken, steak or salmon. It is a great lunchbox salad as it hangs around really well. The sweetness of the figs makes what is essentially a slaw just a bit more interesting. This is such an easy salad, it

easiest cake

The easiest and most useful cake I know

Easiest cake I know recipe I don’t like to follow too many rules but with baking you have to. That’s why I love this cake, because it breaks quite a few of the rules that we’re meant to follow and also gives you the freedom to play around with flavours. It truly is the easiest


flapjacks – the perfect treat for busy bees

In a world full of Instagramable baking (don’t get me started on unicorn cronuts), old school flapjacks can get a bit left behind. They have been knocked out of the way by granola bars and the recipes have been the subject of a lot of fiddling, ingredients wise, these last few years. There are so

summer fruit cake

one bowl summer fruit cake

Some days you need a crowd-pleasing cake fast. This simple one bowl summer fruit cake recipe is a great one to make when you don’t want to use any brain power or equipment. It also works with whatever fruit is in season. Think of it like a little black dress – you can keep bringing


my favourite stuffing

I grew up, like most of us did, with stuffing out of a box. I do still have a nostalgic taste for that stuff, but once I tried making my own stuffing I found it hard to go back. Because the stuff in a box is so common, I always thought that making stuffing must

grilled cheese

grown up grilled cheese with tomato dipping sauce

Until we moved to America I thought the whole world knew what a cheese toastie was, but I was wrong. Over there it is a grilled cheese – even though it is usually cooked in a frying pan rather than under the grill (known as a broiler in the US). Confused much? I’d always made