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Giant chocolate chunk cookie

Giant chocolate chunk cookie with spelt and sea salt

I love the reaction when I bring this giant chocolate chunk cookie out after dinner. Adults momentarily turn back into children. Children can’t believe their eyes. This recipe is a doddle to make and a joy to eat, and it can be frozen so you will always have a dreamy fuss-free dessert on hand. Play

dairy free chocolate cookies

a gluten and dairy-free chocolate cookie you can eat for breakfast

In a world of no consequences I would eat a chocolate chip cookie every day. But boringly, as I keep telling my boys, there are consequences. So I try and bring some balance and find new ways to get my and their chocolate hit. These dairy free chocolate cookies hit the spot every time. I


Gwyneth’s oatmeal cookies

Gwyneth Paltrow’s oatmeal and chocolate chip/raisin cookies are delish and vegan as well as being gluten-free so I find them a regular fall back for entertaining. I actually measure all my dry ingredients in a bowl and put my wet ingredients in a jam jar the night before if I know I have a busy

parmesan and poppy seed shortbreads

Parmesan and poppy seed shortbreads

Forget Pringles – these crumbly cheesy Parmesan and poppy seed shortbreads are so moreish that you’ll be lucky if one batch is enough to last you between the cooling rack and the serving plate. They are a perfect pre-dinner drink partner. My children love them with soup too. The dough for these can be frozen