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romesco sauce

romesco toast with goats cheese

Romesco sauce is so versatile and a jar will last in the fridge for a week or two. I love having it on hand to add to pasta, spoon over fish or chicken, spread on toast or dip raw veg or bread sticks into. It is swoon-worthy with poached eggs and avocado on toast for

speedy spring frittata

speedy spring tomato, corn and basil frittata

On Monday nights I have the combination of meat-free Monday and after school football (soccer) to shape my dinner plans. I’m usually trying my best to delay a trip to the supermarket so dinner is often a mad rush to make something from what is in the fridge and freezer. This speedy spring frittata ticks all

herby carrot pancakes

herby carrot pancakes with salmon and avocado

When I bit into these herby carrot pancakes on my last trip to LA, I did my usual food nerd thing of noting all the flavours and textures into my phone and photographing them from every angle so that I could recreate them for class. I’m sure I missed seeing some famous actor walk by

grilled cheese

grown up grilled cheese with tomato dipping sauce

Until we moved to America I thought the whole world knew what a cheese toastie was, but I was wrong. Over there it is a grilled cheese – even though it is usually cooked in a frying pan rather than under the grill (known as a broiler in the US). Confused much? I’d always made

pea pesto crostini

pea pesto crostini

This pea pesto crostini recipe is dear to my heart as it was taught in my first ever You say Tomato class. Since then it has become a regular in my students’ houses. They love it like I do because it is colourful, healthy, child and budget friendly. Most importantly, because it is mainly make-ahead

smoked salmon fishcakes

smoked salmon fishcakes with pea tartar dip

These easy little smoked salmon fishcakes can be made ahead. I love them to soak up drinks at parties, or to serve a quick hit of omega 3s to my kids for dinner (tip – don’t tell your kids they’re having ‘cakes for dinner’ as they may be disappointed). They’re great on top of a

parmesan and poppy seed shortbreads

Parmesan and poppy seed shortbreads

Forget Pringles – these crumbly cheesy Parmesan and poppy seed shortbreads are so moreish that you’ll be lucky if one batch is enough to last you between the cooling rack and the serving plate. They are a perfect pre-dinner drink partner. My children love them with soup too. The dough for these can be frozen

pear honey thyme cheddar bites

pear, honey, thyme and English Cheddar bites

Cheese and apple or pear is a classic combination; the slight sourness of the fruit balances the cheese perfectly. This prep-ahead pear honey thyme cheddar bites appetizer can be served as a canapé, as a salad, tossed with rocket (arugula) or even on a sandwich. Either way I think you’ll love it as most of

pancetta polenta and avocado breakfast

pancetta, polenta and avocado breakfast

Italian vibes this morning with this pancetta polenta and avocado breakfast. This looks fancy but it took me 10 minutes and was wolfed down by my boys. I taught wet polenta in class last night (recipe below) and had some left over. So I poured it onto a plate before I went to bed and

smoked salmon or smoked mackerel pate lunch

smoked salmon or smoked mackerel pate

Smoked salmon or smoked mackerel pate is such a great recipe to get under your belt. I make a scrumptious chicken liver pâté but when I fancy a change I make this smoked fish pate with salmon, trout or mackerel. I love the fact that most of the smoked salmon or smoked mackerel pate ingredients

pickled vegetables

quick pickled vegetables and fried capers – game changing garnishes

More often than not the final hit of flavour is the thing that transforms a meh dinner into something amazing. Adding a hit of acid and some crunch to dishes are two of my most used tricks when I’m cooking. I make these pickled vegetables or fried capers when I want my food to taste


the joy of a simple goat’s cheese stuffed apricot

This is barely a recipe, more a point in the right direction. It is a perfect illustration of my mantra – good seasonal ingredients, cooked simply and carefully with love. Perfectly ripe apricots, like melon and tomatoes always remind me of childhood camping trips to France. We’d pull our (non-airconditioned) car over at the side

party food

ideas for Christmas and holiday party food

I know that what to serve at parties is a hot topic right now so I wanted to share the list I had pulled together of recipes I’d like to eat. Always a good place to start I think. You can also come along to one of my cocktail and appetizer classes if you’d like

welsh rarebit

Welsh Rarebit – no rabbits were harmed in the making of this

I recently hosted a party for my American friends and wanted to introduce them to some British classics. I wanted to make things that I could prep ahead and quickly assemble and heat at the last-minute, so Welsh Rarebit ticked all the boxes. Traditionally, Welsh Rarebit was served as a ‘savoury’, a course after dessert


pulled pork crostini topped with fennel and lemon salad

I always try to come up with new toppings for my party standard of crostini. My inspiration usually comes from food combinations I enjoy for dinner. In this case the inspiration came from my fallback entertaining option of 4 hour roasted pork shoulder, crusted in fennel seeds which I serve with a citrus fennel salad.