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lime and salt-dressed cabbage

Shredded lime and salt-dressed cabbage

This shredded lime and salt-dressed cabbage is a perfect taco night addition.  It is so simple to make and really packs a punch. It works perfectly in tacos with pulled pork with roasted carrots, crumbled feta and avocado or steak (pan-fried until rare then rested for a few minutes before slicing finely) with roasted or


cabbage salad with dried figs and toasted seeds

I love this salad with tagine and a pile of steamed cous cous, or with roast chicken, steak or salmon. It is a great lunchbox salad as it hangs around really well. The sweetness of the figs makes what is essentially a slaw just a bit more interesting. This is such an easy salad, it


tacos and how to make taco night delicious

Until I moved to California from England, my experience of tacos was very limited and I’d never heard of taco night. Like most Brits, I had memories of those dusty boxes of crunchy Old El Paso tacos, stuffed with minced beef and topped with loads of cheddar cheese. Not good. My first taste of a proper taco in

pulled pork tacos

Pulled pork tacos

This pulled pork tacos recipe is one of the reasons I fell in love with tacos. It came about, as many of my recipes do, when I wanted to use up leftovers. in this case pulled pork and roasted carrots. About as un-Mexican as you can get but the flavours and textures work beautifully. You


Slaw the easiest way to max out your veg intake and brighten your meals

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to add a slaw recipe to my site. Although I did make this video a couple of years back. It is probably the side dish I reach for most, and often becomes the base of my lunch or dinner. I think the reason I’ve never added


harissa and lemon chickpea soup

My love a good soup is well documented on these pages. This harissa and lemon chickpea soup is a quick to make recipe that uses things you will probably have in your store cupboard. It is a great lesson in flavour balancing and the subtle Middle Eastern flavours taste like nothing you’d be able to


fragrant sweet potato and black bean chilli

Accidentally vegan sweet potato and black bean chilli recipe This sweet potato and black bean chilli what I reach to when I feel we need to re-set our eating a bit. It is easy to make, comforting to eat and works for my whole family. It is even better the day after you make it

lighter take on champ

a lighter take on champ

Even though I have Irish grandparents and friends I’d never celebrated St Patrick’s day until I moved to California. This is the land of continuous celebration so being Irish doesn’t get in the way of the excuse to party! The shops here are filled with corned beef and Guinness. Neither of which really float my

pickled vegetables

quick pickled vegetables and fried capers – game changing garnishes

More often than not the final hit of flavour is the thing that transforms a meh dinner into something amazing. Adding a hit of acid and some crunch to dishes are two of my most used tricks when I’m cooking. I make these pickled vegetables or fried capers when I want my food to taste

21 day

21 days of nourishing, healthy, clean food – a plan and some recipes

If like me you are starting the month feeling not quite as healthy or balanced as you’d like, join me in a 21 day re-nourish and re-balance plan.  Join in and get up to the minute motivation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and you’ll be able to share tips and keep motivated to eat better

egg and kale-slaw

an easy, healthy lunch – egg and kale-slaw

A week of cooking inspired by what I’ve seen on Pinterest starts today. When I was planning this week’s menu I decided to only cook things I’ve pinned. Lunch today is a really easy but unusual egg and kale-slaw which will stay in the fridge and give me a high veggie, high protein lunch for