storecupboard lunch for children

Before you disregard the humble sardine please read on. I shuddered when someone suggested I feed my children canned sardines as I had shady memories of them from my youth. However when I realized just how amazingly healthy they are and the fact I can always have them on hand for dinner, I decided to play around with some to see how I could make them into something my children would like to eat.

Because sardines are such little fish they are highly sustainable and contain very low levels of heavy metals unlike bigger fish. Be sure to buy them canned in olive oil rather than the strange tomato sauced ones.

I simply drain them of oil then mash them with lemon juice (the lemon is key to cut through the oiliness), salt, pepper and then stir them through a mashed avocado. Then I just stir the mixture through pasta along with a few peas or, as in these photos, make the paste into sandwiches.

My sons ate this mush from the first time they ate solids and they still love it. Put your pre-conceptions aside and try it!

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