I’d love to meet you in one of my cooking classes in Silicon Valley, California or in the UK. I’m next teaching in the Los Gatos area of California in Spring 2018. Please sign up for my newsletter to be first to hear about my tour dates as these classes book up fast.

What my students say...

  • Her demonstrations are informative, entertaining, and after sampling large portions of each dish, extremely satisfying! She teaches you from the comfort of her own home how to fearlessly navigate the kitchen, confidently substitute ingredients when needed, effortlessly prepare whole, unprocessed (and organic when possible) food for your whole family all while putting her charming British accent and sayings on display.

    Macey, Owner - The Dailey Method, Los Gatos, California

  • I have learned so much from you and finally feel confident cooking! Thank you!

    Michele, San Jose, California

  • So impressed at how much I learned, how amazingly good the food was, and how much fun I had! In addition to learning new recipes I learned so many tips that I can apply to cooking in general.

    Rachel, Wilmslow, Cheshire

  • I learned a lot about food and myself. And got some delicious recipes too! It opened my eyes to a lot of new things and got me excited about getting back in the kitchen and trying new things.

    Jennifer, San Jose, California

  • I learned so much and had fun. I liked being able to view everything and ask very specific questions. You are so welcoming and informative. It was a unique and terrific night!

    Angela, Cheshire

  • After taking private lessons with Gemma for a few months, I am miles ahead of where I was! Gemma is a terrific instructor; she has lots of great ideas for meals that are easy to make, provides detailed grocery lists and instructions, and is very patient about teaching even the most basic skills.

    Jeanette, Los Gatos, California

  • Gemma’s classes are so much fun! The food is always delicious and healthy. You leave knowing you can turn out a beautiful meal without an overwhelming amount of effort. The menus are so approachable and achievable by any level of cook. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, you’ll feel comfortable in Gemma’s kitchen and you’ll always learn something new.

    Annette, Los Gatos, California

  • Such a culinary and sensory feast, all the tastes, smells, advice on shopping and tools and the best ingredients. I don't know how you could teach so much in one evening, while cooking, and sharing laughter and fun with us! And everything was too delicious to put in words!

    Ingor, Morgan Hill, California

  • I first came to one of Gemma's classes after I'd heard about her from friends. Then I kept coming back! Cooking for my family while balancing work and the rest of life can be a challenge but I know her recipes will work, that they'll taste great and won't take too long to make. She has certainly gotten us out of our dinner ruts, and really changed the way we meal plan for the week. An added bonus is that we aren’t wasting food like we were before- everything gets eaten or is properly stored away for another meal in the future. I also have my kitchen impressively organized with all her helpful tips to reduce clutter and keep things to a minimum.

    Jackie, Apple, Cupertino, California

  • Gemma is an artist in how she puts lovely nuance into the dishes she creates and also in how she shares them with her classes during a very fun class. Our Italian Feast was a wonderful girls night out, and I'd also highly recommend as a gift or a corporate team builder. Thanks so much!

    Suzy, Los Gatos, California

  • Gemma is always professional, well prepared and most importantly, realistic about the time most people have to prep great meals for their families. She makes it simple, fun and easy to execute with a delicious outcome.

    Leslie, Monte Sereno, California

  • The best cooking class experience I've had. You Say Tomato really makes cooking delicious, high quality food easy to understand and replicate once you're back home.

    Robyn, San Jose, California

  • Watch and learn as Gemma whips up tasty menus while giving you helpful hints on presentation, budget, prep, timing, etc. This is all done in her amazing kitchen that's just perfect for a small group to really learn the in's and out's of whatever is on the menu. I always walk away with new recipes to add to my repertoire and learn new techniques.

    Debra, San Jose, California

  • I organised a class with Gemma and 10 girlfriends and the night was a big hit! Gemma is incredibly easy to work with, fun and caters to the groups needs. The class itself is so much fun with yummy food and loads of tips and tricks. Can't wait for the next class!

    Katie, Alderley Edge, Cheshire

  • Simply amazing!! Gemma is fantastic and the classes are just fab. I learned so much at the same time as catching up with friends and eating gorgeous food, perfect way to spend an evening! Thank you so much, we will be booking another one soon.

    Gemma, Alderley Edge, Cheshire

  • Gemma was a fabulous friendly host for our private cooking class! My mother and I learned so many new tips and enjoyed the food after our class with our family! I would highly recommend booking.

    Kayla, Wilmslow, Cheshire

  • Gemma's cooking caught my attention when she did a wonderful, toddler-friendly cooking demonstration at our preschool -- I couldn't wait to find out more about this busy mom who loved cooking so much, she had made it part of so many aspects of her life. Her cooking classes are the perfect combination of learning something new and incredibly useful with a great night out with friends. I have left every class with not only a whole new set of recipes, tips and skills, but also a ton of inspiration to not be afraid to get out of our cooking ruts at home. She understands the demands of busy families and has helped us find a lovely balance of great food with the an efficient preparation. I also love the approach she's taught us to organizing our kitchen and pantries. My time with her has helped breathe new life, energy, and fun into a homecooked meal.

    Heather, Google, Mountain View, California